Two horizontally full lines representing even /equal , similarly to the traditional mark "="
* The width between the lines have been slightly thinner than original. (Renewed in Sep. 2006)
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the hand-shape-sign:
the index and middle fingers extend horizontally together

the hand-movement-sign:
drawing the base shape from the upper line connecting the two lines diagonally

name: (le sound of let ) ([ l ] 子音のレ)

ASCII: = (the similar mark)

phonetic value: [ Y ] (near fully close front rounded vowel)

definition (single): equal (等しい)


vi. become equal (等しくなる)
vt. make something equal (等しくする)

main images in base overlays: equal, same, level or lank

1) As the meaning of the same/equal (「同じ」に関係)
2) Relating to some level, class, layer kinds by this symbol shape (層を成す形から)
3) Relating to the parallel lines of this symbol shape (平行な線の形に関係して)

examples of base overlay:

As the meaning of 'the same' (「同じ」に関係)

{13 same,02(one)}: the same one (同一)
=, : the same point
{06(not),13 }: difference, different situation (違い・違う)
{ 06(opposite), 13}: discrimination, discriminate (v.) with #ge (差別)
: discrimination in the classes/ranks/grades (階級差別)
: sex/racial discrimination (男女や人種の差別)
{ 07(much),13}: more, the same or more than (comparing to something after gc) (以上)
: The degree is 6 or more (その度合いは6以上だ)
{08(little),13}: less, the same or less than (以下)
{17(up),13}: upper, upper than...(より上)
{18(down),13}: lower, lower than...(より下)
{19(in),13}: inner, inner than... (より内)
{20(out),13}: outer, outer than... (より外)
{61(front),13}: more front, more front than... (より前)
{62(back),13}: more back, more back than... (より後ろ)
{15(recognition),13}: similar (同様)
or: a butterfly like a leaf (葉っぱのような蝶)
{13,15,56(action)}: imitating, imitate ( vi. with gd ) (真似)
{13,15,50(goods)}: imitation (goods) (模造品)
{{57,67}(child),{13,15}}: childish (こどもじみた)
: Primates (霊長類); used in biological Order and Family (生物分類の霊長目とヒト科に相当)
{ mankind (人) and similar (同類){ ( recognition (認識), the same (同)}}
See here for examples of kinds of Primates. (霊長類の種類の例はここでご覧ください)

{38(artificial),13}: copy (写し)
{13(same),31shape}: conformity, convergent (相似形)
{13, 26overlap, 31}: symmetry (対称)
{13,25(join)}: approval, approve (v. with gd) (賛成)
{13,14(way)}: commonness, common (共通)
{13,23(change)}: assimilation, assimilate (vt. with ge) (同化)
{13,16(divided)}: equally divided, divide equally (vt. with ge) (等分)
{13,35(continuous)}: maintenance, maintain (vt. with ge) (保持)
{42,13}(constant up and down): normal (正常な)
{{42,13},05(not)}: abnormal (異常な)
{13,21(heading)}: being along, follow (vi. with gd), along (preposition with gc) (沿う)
{13,22(origin)}: the same root (同源)
{13,44(open/spread)}: solution, melt (vt. with ge), be dissolved (vi. with gd) (溶解)
{13,68(heart)}: sympathy, sympathize with (v. gd sympathize gc a person) (同情)
{13,45(relation)}: equality, even(ly) (平等)
{13,60(penetrated)}: penetrated, penetrate( v. with gd ); this base overlay looks like the symbolic picture also.(貫通した)
{13,40(balanced)}: average (n.), average (vt. with ge) (平均)
{13,03(line)}: family line, kinds (同類)
{13,03,{33,44}(the sun)}: family of the sun: star (恒星)
*For general usage for stars (any twinkling stars in the night sky), you can use a picture-like symbol:
{13,03,{33,34}(parts of the earth): similar kinds of the earth : planet (惑星)
{13,03,69('ellipse shape' (for the orbiting path)),34}(similar to the planet but the track is ellipse):
comet ((楕円軌道で)彗星)

Relating to some level, class, layer kinds by the symbpl shape (層を成す形から)
{09( intangible thing),13}: level, class ( for intangible thing like quality) (階級)
{10(tangible thing),13}: layer, level (for tangible thing like layers of earth, floors of a building) (層、階)
{10,13,17(above)}: upper layer(s) (than average) (上層)
{10,13,18(below)}: lower level (than average) (下層)
{10,07(much),13,17}: very high level (高層)
{10,n2,13}: two levels/a two story (2階建て・2層式)
{n2,33}(second){10,13}(level): second level / second floor (as the US style) (2階)
{10,13,14(way)}: (a way with levels): stairs (階段)
{10,13,14,41(move)}: escalator (エスカレーター) {13(the same level),67(life)}: lives of the same level: siblings (as the fundamental character) (兄弟姉妹)
{19(female),{13,67}}: sister (姉妹)
{20(male),{13,67}}: brother (兄弟)
{n2(secondly ),13,67}: cousin (いとこ)
{n3,13,67}: cousin's cousin (またいとこ)
{67,13,19,n2}: secondly far female in the same generation: female cousin (従姉妹)
{67,13,19,n3}: second female cousin (また従姉妹)
{67,13,20,n2}: secondly far female in the same generation: male cousin (従兄弟)
{61later,19(female),{13,67}}: niece (姪)
{61later,20(male),{13,67}}: nephew (甥)
{67,13,20,n3}: second male cousin (また従兄)

Relating to the parallel lines of this symbol shape (平行な線の形に関係して)
{04,13}: parallel (平行)
{11,13}: thickness (厚み)
{11,13,07(much)}: thick (厚い)
{11,13,08(less)}: thin (薄い)
{11,13,28(sheet)}: sheets with thickness: board (板)
{11,13,42(wave)}: thickness of waves: amplitude of vibration (振幅)

=#H (grid)
/=#H (no-grid)
=-#1 (woven 織られた)
e =-#1 (weave (verb) 織る)
=L-#1 (weaving 織ること)
H=-#1 (woven-fabric 織物)
/H=-#1 (unwoven-fabric 不織布)
u=-# (basket 籠)

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