This shape looks stopping a flowing from the left and implies a limited situation (「限り」を示して、進行方向を止めるかぎ形)
* This base shape once vertically extended, but returned to the original shape.
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the hand-shape-sign:
the thumb up, and the index and the middle fingers extend horizontally

the hand-position-sign;
to bring the other signed hand in front of the chin (as the position of 'an edge' of a face)

name: [to] (to of toast ) ( ト)

ASCII: ^ (different angle, but similar small shapes)

phonetic value: [function]

glottal stop as its single form, stop diacritic in a base overlay
(to stop the air stream at the place of articulation of a consonant compounded with #11)

definition (single): limited(限られた)


vi. become a limited situation (限られる)
vt. limit, restrict (something) (~を限る)

main images in base overlays:

1) As an image of edge (端に関連)
2) Limited things or distinguishing things (限り・区切り・区別に関連)
3) To form a picture-like symbol as its part, without relating to 'limitation'

examples of base overlay:

As an image of 'edge' (端に関連)

{11,10(place)}: edge (端)
{03(line),11}: border line (境界線)
{11,38(making)}: ending (終末)
{11,36(time)}: time limit (期限)
or { time limit,having}: rental
{19 in, , }: debt, borrow (vt. with gd) (借り)
{20 out,, }: lend (vt. with gd) (貸し)
{11,22(origin)}: starting/leaving (出発)
{11,21(heading)}: reaching/arrival point (到達)
{11,21,gc(preposition): until (~までに/の)


for seven days from 2nd through 8th (2日から8日までの7日間)
{11,17(above)}: the upper limit (上限)
{11,18(below)}: the lower limit (下限)
{11 limit/edge.61}: ending point (終点)
{{11,61},09affair}: result (結果)
{{11,61},14way}: conclusion (結論)
{11,12(polar)}: ultimate (最も)
{17(upper),11,12}: supreme, top (最高)
{18(lower),11,12}: the lowest, the worst (最低)
{11,20(out)}: (outside of the edge): out of the range( limit )/ excess, exceed (v. with gd) (過剰)
{05(denied)11}: endless/endlessly) (終わりなく、終わりない)
{{10,42}(ocean), 11}: beach (浜)
{59(water), {10,11}edge}: waterside (水辺)
{11,28(surface)}: wall (壁)
{11,28,17(above)}: ceiling (天井)
{11,28,18(below)}: floor (床)
{11,28,19(in)}: interior wall (内壁)
{11,28,20(out),}: exterior wall (外壁)
{11.{28,50}(sheet)}: curtain (カーテン・幕)
Limited things or distinguishing things (限り・区切り・区別に関連 )

{09(intangible matter),11,}: distinction (区別)
{11,49(quality)}: particular, specialize something (vt. with #ge) (特殊)
{11,54(existence)}: exception, special being (特別)
{11,24(certain)}: specific (特定)
{11,48(cover)}: a lid / conceal (vt. with gd) (蓋)
{10,47,11(limit/partition)}: door (戸)
{{01,48}around, 11}: frame (縁・枠)
{11,60(penetrated, true)}: pure (純粋)
{11,67(life)}: life span (寿命)
{08(less),11,67}: shorten one's own life (vi. with gd) (D動詞:自分の寿命を縮める)
{07(more),11,67}: extend one's life (v. with ge) (E動詞:長寿化する)

{11,68(heart)}: admonition (戒め)
{11,15(recognition)}: selection, choice / select (vt. with #gd) (選択)
{11,50(goods)}: a lock / lock (vt. with #gd) (錠)
{06(opposite),11,50}: a key/unlock (vt. with #gd) (鍵)
{11,45(relation)}: special contract (特約)
{11,43(clinging)}: restraint (n.)/ restraint (vt. with #gt) (拘束)
{11,30(indication)}: designation ( 区別して明示)
{11,56(action)}: finish (n.), finish (vi. with #gd) (行為の終了、E動詞:終える)
{08(less),11}: loose (拘束が緩い)
{07(much),11}: much restriction (きつい)
{11,69(zero)}: no limitation (無制限)
{11,06(resistance)}: violation (違反)
{02(one),11}: only (たった~だけ)
1^M  {alone, only}: solitude, lonely (孤独、寂しい)
1^m {being, only}: unique
{11(limited),58}: limited possibility (限られた可能性)

To form a picture-like symbol as its part, without relating to 'limitation'

{11,13}: thickness (厚み)
{11,13,07much}: thick (厚い)
{11,13,08little}: thin (薄い)
{11,14}: width (幅)
{11,14,07}: wide (幅広い)
{11,14,08}: narrow (幅狭い)
{11,31(shape)}: angular (かど)
{07(many),{11,31}}: polygon/polygonal (多角形)

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