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1[human, plant, heart, life] 2[the middle circle variation] 3[Relating to friends' opinions, Between cultures, etc.] 4[phonetics]

Basic Idea (1) human/person and plant

A human is standing on two feet.
Humans can stand supporting each other.
Humans somehow seek to be upward.
But if they forget about their feet, they must fall.

A plant extends upward to get light.
A Plant can't move from a place alone.
Plants never forget to focus downward:
the hidden points to sustain their lives.

Humans and Plants look opposite.
So the symbols of Human and Plant are too.

Basic Idea (2)  plant kinds and parts

The EL uses only 70 bases for elemental meanings.
Each base is the simplified picture of its image.
By overlaying bases together, a new fundamental symbol is made;
and the total shape is the simplified picture of its image.

This chart shows some examples of plant-related fundamental symbols.
All of these bases-overlays include the base, "plant,"
also the grass-symbol looks like grass, the flower-symbol looks like a flower.
Aren't they easy to memorize?

Unlike other languages, EL can help children to even learn words in their own language.

Basic Idea (3) hplant" transforms into other things too

Some symbols are tricky. In this chart, all bases-overlays include the plant-base,
but "nose, face, horn and insect" are unrelated to "plant."
In these cases, the plant-base works to form a particular image picture only as its part.

So you need a little more care to use these kinds of symbols.
But by this way, almost countless symbols can be created out of only 70 bases.

Basic Idea (4) insect family

All these symbols were made by the symbol "insect"
(a three bases overlay: refer to Basic Idea (3)) + another symbol, or "insect" - a base + another symbol
for "butterfly, simplified to make a butterfly shape." Don't they look like each kind of insect shape?

Is it too difficult to draw these symbols for you?
If you prefer less overlay, you can part the contents as you see here:

Have fun making interesting shapes, downloading the EL Font:

Basic Idea (5) Heart, related to emotion, spirit and thoughts

The shape of the organ "heart."
Sometimes it looks like a flower.
It wants to bloom.
It wants to grow in harmony with others.

This base represents thoughts/mind/psychological conditions/emotions
that can influence the heart movement even if only a little.

**Some bases symbolize abstract concepts like this one.
For abstract meanings, EL uses similar symbols to globally well known marks,
such as +, -, =, ?, various arrow marks and this one for each similar concept.
So they need no effort to memorize. But be careful, the usages are not completely the same.
For example, this heart symbol does not mean "love" by itself.

Basic Idea (6) Life and living creatures/life-related things

An organic shape,
looking like a fruit wrapping a life with its skin.
It is proud of its individual existence.

This symbol is the opposite of "heart."
It's a physical thing or condition, but not abstract.
And yet, it is still holding "heart" upside-down.
The bottom root of "heart" is
the top (brain) of a "living body."

Basic Idea (7) Love

An overlay of "life" and "thought"
A life preciously thinks of a life,
of another one or of his own,
or all lives on earth.
This symbolizes "love."

**Be careful, it is not the "love" of "I love your outfit!"
In EL, you think by symbol images;
but not by the translated English word.
For the meanings of simple "like" and "selfish desire,"
you can find other combination symbols.

Healing (1) Activating the whole body with "love" hand sign

The hand shapes are the same in signs for "heart" and "life,"
and only the angles are opposite, just like the bases shapes.
If you show both together in front of each shoulder,
it is the hand sign for "love."
**In another way, using just one hand, you can draw
"life" shape with "heart" signed hand to represent "love."
Do you love your body enough from the heart?
Would you like to communicate with your body,
using these hand signs (five finger tips are put together) ?
Tap gently and quickly on your bones from a foot to the head,
with both hands from above and below,
gradually shifting the location on your whole body,
avoiding only the neck and temples (too sensitive).
While doing this, don't forget the meaning of the sign;
and focus to listen to the feeling of where you are tapping.

By this stimulation, your body cells wake up,
and the blood circulation will be better.
Try it in bed in the morning as you feel good.
Also if you do this regularly, it can protect
your bones from osteoporosis, as a holistic heeling way.
If you like it, and feel it's effective,
you can do this patting for other persons too.

** This healing way is not my invention,
but holding the meaning for the hand shapes in your mind,
your tapping energy and its spiritual power can easily increase.

Basic Idea (8) Open/energy-spread

A rolled sheet is unwinding and open.
From the room, energy comes out to spread.
This is a side shape of the sheet.
Since EL writing goes from the left to the right,
this shape opens wider ahead of the way.

Basic Idea (9) Bases 0verlay with open/energy-spread

"Open; energy-spread" are not regarded
as root words usually.
But in visual thoughts, this concept base is
quite convenient, don't you think?

Healing (2) Vigorous mark

What does this overlay symbolize?
Perhaps many of you know it before seeing the explanation,
after seeing Basic (6), (8) and (9).

In your imagination, copy this symbol
into the center of your whole body:
three fingers under your bellybutton.
Take deep breaths, and imagine
that your new energy from earth and air spreads to
your whole body through the center of that symbol.

It might help to relax your shoulders and neck.

When you get accustomed to this way,
you would enjoy manual labor, dancing,
painting, singing, and more,
immediately controlling and balancing
your power at the center with this symbol.

Also for reviving from weakness or an illness,
deep breathing with this way might help.

Healing (3-1) Happy symbol to be happy

Your heart is open and full of energy.
You see a happy image through this symbol.
This is a convenient symbol to regulate
your mind and body condition instantly.

Comfortably stand up; and
try imagining that this symbol is on
the center of the soles of your feet.

Keep your focus on the symbols there.

Don't you start to feel ticklish through your feet?
Doesn't the feeling come up through the spine
to naturally make your face smile a little?
I think it happens because your consciousness
on this symbol fetches out dopamine
to regulate movement and emotion.
To calm yourself, or to work better
for anything openheartedly,
this way would work.
When you are contacting the earth
through the soles, you must get happy feelings.

Healing (3-2) Happy symbol to help sleeping

This February, I unusually got a cold,
and had a hard time to sleep.

So I tried to use the happy symbol (see Healing 3-1)
to start sleeping; and it worked by doing the following.

Lie down on your back.
First, to make circulation of feet better,
stretch the toes while deeply inhaling,
also stretching the spine, bringing
the shoulder-blades closer together.
Then relax the feet, bending the ankles
and knees a little with a deep exhale.
After repeating this three or four times,
relax the whole body and imagine the happy symbols
at both centers of the soles of the feet.
Keep your consciousness on the happy symbols
with the feeling of a smile.

I could forget about pain and coughing
for a while by this way; and
it wasn't that long to naturally get into
unconsciousness until next awaking.

I'm pretty sure I'll have "Thanks"-symbols on my soles,
when I'll be going to die in any condition,
thanking everyone and everything for
having supported my life in this world.
Others might feel my appreciation through my dead face,
even if the symbols on my feet would be invisible.

Healing (3-3) Happy symbol to keep better vision

When you awake in the morning,
massage your forehead a little.
Then be conscious of the happy symbol
between your eyebrows.
Also strongly imagine that the symbol alarms
you, when you squint or knit your eyebrows.
You can reset the symbol by feeling the alarm.

Squint strains your vision nerves and creates stress.
Keeping a happy mark between the eyebrows
relaxes your nerves and protects your eyesight.
At the same time, your face also looks calm,
peaceful and younger.
It might help your relationships with others too.

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