Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL (Aug.1999)

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From the beginning part of Scandinavian [Edda]

I remember the giants
born at the dawn of time,
And those who first gave birth to me.
I know of nine worlds,
nine spheres covered by 
the tree of the world,
That tree set up in wisdom
which grows down to
the bosom of the earth.

{34,62}: I
gd, {{34,37}(brain),{34,47}(contents),20(out)}: remember
{01,34}(the), {{07large,65human}(giant),27(plural)}: the giants
. {dl,34}dr: the left word of the definition brackets is the subject of the sentence in the brackets
{gd,19}(past d-verb),{22beginning,67life}: be born (* Shown as  in the picture is wrong: later the notation for past tense was changed into 19 from17)
gc,{01,22}(origin), {10,36}(era): at very early time of the world
gb: and /  {ge,19}(past e-verb: in the picture; later changed ),{22beginning,67life}: gave a birth: born
{gd,53}(d-verb for a present situation){15recognition,47accepted}: understand and know
{10,37}: world /  33(round, global)
70(space)(each word is modified by 9, so it's clear to be plural without the plural symbol.
{gc(preposition),{ge,47}(passive voice verb)}(verb in the passive voice modifies the front word) 48(cover) {gc,46(work)}(by): covered by
{01,34}{10,37}{37,66}(tree): The Tree of The World
{gc,gd}(d-verb modifies the front word) {24(stable),66(plant)}(root): rooting
{gc,21}(to) {10(place),{01,34,33}(the earth)}(the world of earth) {01,18(down)}(bottom): the bottom of the earth
{{34,37,68}(intelligence)46(work)}: wisdom This page was written by Yoshiko

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古代北欧歌謡集『エッダ』の冒頭部分より(新潮社・谷口幸男訳 S48)

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