Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL, [With no net] 「網なしで」
by Toni Piccini - December 2008 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

 When I came upon this haiku by Italian writer Toni Piccini, I felt it was like my own situation. Since the inspiration of Earth Language (EL) came to me, twenty years have passed. Before the structure and shapes were born, EL was just like a rainbow. If I would divert away, it could disappear in a second. Believing the dream bridge and keeping gazing at it, I could see EL clearer and clearer. If I doubted it, I had to drop from the rainbow, of course with  no net below my feet. Step by step, I've set what I saw in the rainbow. Now I want to show that rainbow to everybody in the world.

 The haiku I found was at the bottom of the English Haiku section in Toni Piccini's website. His site has English, French and Japanese translation sites for his original Italian haiku page. Here shows everything together for this haiku. Although here I took  hoo's Japanese translation for my way of understanding.
This rainbow is a symbol of our personal concept of "freedom." Yes, what I was seeking for twenty years was freedom of communication, my having almost no English ability in America.. But I just didn't want to get freedom only for myself; and I dreamed to go beyond the freedom rainbow with everybody else on this planet together.

 イタリーのライター、Toni Picciniさんのサイト英語俳句コーナーの底辺でこの俳句に出合ったとき、思わず自分の心境と重ねました。地球語が私の中に降って湧いてから早や20年経ちましたが、まだしくみも形も成していないうちの地球語はまるで虹でした。その可能性を信じ見続けなければたちまち消え失せそうでした。周囲から「雲をつかむ気か」といわれながら、命綱もネットもなしに他人にはまだ見えない虹の橋を見据え、1歩1歩足場を固めては構築してきた20年でした。
 Picciniさんの日本語ページでは、この俳句は「虹のむこうに 網はない わたしの曲芸」となっていますが、網はむこう側にあってもしようがなく、下で墜落者の命を護るためのものと捉えて訳し直しました。Picciniさんのメールには、虹を自由のシンボルと捉えているとありましたが、いわれてみると20年前の私は英語がわからないまま渡米して、伝達の自由を泣きたいほど求めていたのでした。私の場合、個人的に自由を得るのではなく、ついでに世界中の地球人と一緒に自由の虹を渡る夢を見てしまったんですね。

The original Italian by Toni Piccini
Senza più rete
oltre l’arcobaleno
i miei acrobati

The English translation by Denise Deeney
With no net
beyond the rainbow
my acrobats
The French translation by Jean Pierre Labrousse
Sans aucun filet
au-delà de l’arc-en-ciel
mes acrobates

The Japanese translation by hoo

The EL translation by hoo

The symbols in the pictograph

: I/me, : risky, :foot, : hand, : building, : tree, : wave

The symbols in the EL translation

{preposition mark, not)}: without (〜なしで(の))
{relation, multiple, sheet}: net (n.) (網)
{back, pronoun-maker}: I, my, me (depending on its position); 
(this hand sign points the center of the chest by the thumb) (私)
: acrobats (曲芸)
{action/act,open/energy-spread}: performance (演技)
: hyphen to show one concept compounding the left and the right characters
{less,(a spinning top shape) balance} (difficulty of balance): risky (危険)
{preposition, way to go through,space}: beyond (〜を超えて)
{{nature,space} sky, water, light, color}: rainbow (虹)

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