Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL (December, 2000)

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This is an EL experimental page with  English and Japanese.

I picked a short Tanka poem by Terayama Shuji which Sadako@Yokohama mailed me as her favorite one. There is a word 'ripen' in this poem. By this word, which color do you imagine? I can't help but to imagine the persimmon color, because the view of ripened persimmons in early snow in Japan impressed me very strongly in my experience. I guess the author Terayama also felt the same color. But you are free to choose the color of your new star. When I feel many reader's sky and stars, I can enjoy this poem in another way too. ( BTW, haven't you think that persimmons are originally from eastern Asia? I recently read that they were from Gondwana! )

** I've gotten voices not to make too many compounded characters( c-c ), so I used two c-cs joined characters for 'poem'. Also I'm introducing some c-cs related to 'language' and 'art' below this page. Please enjoy the way to distinguish concepts.

The Original Japanese Tanka:

歌ひとつ覚えるたびに星ひとつ 熟れて灯れるわが空をもつ

The meaning in English:

Each time when feeling a poem,
I have my sky where one star ripens and burns.

In EL:


: gc (preposition) {02,34}(each) 36(time): each time (modifying the predicate of the whole sentence) ( 〜のたびに)
: {gc gd}( d-verb with the following words to modify the word in front ) 39( feel with gd) 30: feeling (something) ( 〜を感じる・・ )
: 02(one) {{15,33}( language ),42( wave, sound )} ((vocal) word(s)) {40( balance),60(truth, penetrate)} (art): one poem (are joined characters)( ひとつの詩)
: 34(indication of the subject of a sentence for the following character(s)) {34,62}(I/my/me): I ( 私は)
: gd (d-verb) {47(accepted),54(existence)} (possession) 30: have (something) (〜をもつ)
: {34,62}(I/my/me) {37(nature),70(space)}(sky): my sky (私の空)
: {dl,gc,10(place)} dr: definition brackets which the contents modify the front word as the relative adverb, 'where' (場所を示す関係副詞として働く表意括弧)
: 02(one) {{03,13}( similar thing/system ){33,44}(the sun)}(star): one star( ひとつの星(恒星))
: gd {{58,67}( mature ){67,66}(fruit)}: ripen (vt.) (熟す)
: gb (conjunction): and (接続符)
: gd {(44,52}(fire),{02,23}(light, illumination)}: burns and shines (燃えて光る、灯る)

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