Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL, [A scarecrow] by Suzuki Hidaka (October 2007)

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts , or see here to view Japanese

Japanese haiku continues; but this cute haiku is by a child;
and I took it from "the son's haiku" in "The collection of the father and his son's haiku"
in "Suzuki Shin-ichi's Dry Wind Haiku Land." You can feel a nice communication
between a father and his son, Hidaka through the page, if you could understand Japanese.
Hidaka is now 16 years old, but this haiku was made when he was 10, his father wrote to me.
When Hidaka awoke at midnight, he remembered vividly a scarecrow's face  and imagined it
still standing in the darkness...   Scarecrows are busy here: in California in this season, too,
as they especially watch hard for pumpkins before Halloween.

The Japanese word Kagashi for scarecrow was from Kagasu (to let (small animals) smell),
because of the old custom of burning the dead bodies of small raiders in a farmer's field.
Of course the English word 'scarecrow' is from "to scare crows."
In EL, and in this situation, I tried to express this concept as (doll-field) , scarecrow,
using a hyphen. If without the hyphen, means "doll's field."

* This hyphen is the renewed #gf since September 1st 2007 (before it was ).
Please feel free to download the new EL Font. Now EL typing is much easier with this device.

鈴木伸一の空っ風俳句ランド 」の中の「父と子の俳句作品集」のうち「 子の作品集」から

さて、地球語ではどう表現するかと迷いましたが、ここでは {人形-畑}の組み合わせの
1概念として扱ってみました。2文字の間のハイフンをはずせば 「人形の畑」という
* このハイフンは記号gfが更新したものです。9月からこのフォント更新によって

The Original haiku by Suzuki Hidaka :


The English translation :

A scarecrow,
he opens his eyes
even at midnight

The EL translation:

The symbols in the pictograph:
{ human, shaped, instrument}: doll (人形)
{ sense, }(by the total shape): eye(s) (目)
{ , dot}(as the picture): pupil (瞳)
: plant(s) (植物)

The symbols in the EL translation:
{ human, shaped, instrument}: doll (人形)
{ place for human raising, plant(s)}: cultivated land; field, patch  (耕作地・畑)
: scarecrow (かがし).......It uses hyphen (ハイフンでつないでいます)
: (plural dots): to show a pause (連続2点は休止符)

{ verb mark,condition}:  the verb expresses about the present/general situation
shown by the following character or phrase (後続語が主語の状態だと表す動詞符)
{ sense, }(by the total shape): eye(s) (象形で「目」)
: open (開いた)
: (the subject) opens its eyes ((主語の)目が開いている)
{ preposition-mark, emphasize}: even at/in.. (modifying front word with the following words) (〜(続く語)にさえ)
{{ (a part of the sun), under (the ground), time}: midnight (深夜)

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