Haiku and Pictograph in EL, "The sacred arrow" by Clelia Ifrim;
- June 2010 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English or Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

A Romanian poet, Clelia Ifrim* living in Bucharest recently sent me some of her haiku, and I translated one of them here. Since starting to live at a lakeside in WA, I see geese flying and singing every evening. Through this haiku, I feel my sky opens into Romanian sky where her body is.
* According to her mail, a couple of her poems were selected by JAXA: Japan Aerospace Explorating Agency (Click [English] at the upper right corner of this index page) and stored aboard the space module KIBO on the International Space Station.

最近ブカレスト(ルーマニア)にお住まいの詩人、Clelia Ifrimさん*がいくつかの俳句を地球語サイトに送ってくださいました。そのなかから一句を訳しました。ワシントン州の湖の畔に住みはじめて以来私も毎夕雁が歌い飛ぶのを見ています。この俳句から、私の見るその空がルーマニアに通じているのを感じました。
* 彼女の俳句2句は、Jaxa「宇宙連詩」に選ばれて、国際宇宙ステーションのスペース・モデル「希望」に収納されているそうです。

Original haiku in Latin by Clelia Ifrim

Lebada zburind -
sageata aluneca
in corpul meu

English translation by the author

A white swan flying
the sacred arrow sliding
in my white body

Japanese translation by hoo
白鳥飛翔 聖矢が滑る 白い我身のうちに

EL translation by hoo

The symbols in the pictograph
: my, I (私), : body (体), : arrow (矢)

The symbols in the EL translation

{{ { (for abstract concept),(a part of 'light' in this case}: color (色)}
, (front ward)}: white (白)
{(simplified picture) bird, (water wave)}: water bird (水鳥)
{ go, air space}: flying (飛翔)
: multiple instances of the dot are used to indicate a pause (余韻の間)
{ infinite, light, brightness}: sacred (神聖な)
{ shooting, a thing}: arrow (矢)
: verb mark (動詞符)
{ opposite of friction}: smooth, sliding (滑らか、D動詞:滑る)
{ preposition mark, inner direction}: in, (〜の中で/に)
{ back, pronoun}: I, my, me (according to its position);
(this sign points the center of the chest by the thumb) (私)
{ life, tangible thing}: body (of a living creature) (身体)

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