A Poem and the Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) - April 2003 -

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This is an EL(Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image/meaning of a short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.   

This time I chose a French haiku by Serge Tomé from the web site, "temps libres (free times) "Seasonal journey [spring]. Since I can't read French, I used its English version translated by the author.
Imagining the scene of this haiku in this global situation now, I get a sort of fear gradually losing vision of tomorrow, feeling that I'm going to be swallowed into the blur. My eyes are still trying to fix upon the sight.

今月は、フランス人の俳句サイト "temps libres (free times)"から、サイト主 Serge Toméさんの俳句を訳してみます。

The EL Translation by Yoshiko:

The original French
   by Serge Tomé:

   l'étang ce soir
   sa surface peu à peu
   se brouille dans la pluie

The English verse
   by the author:

   the pond this evening
   its surface gradually
   blurring in the rain

The Japanese translation:

   池暮れて刻々煙る水面 雨

{10(place),47( holding),59( water )}: water pool, pond (池)
gc: preposition symbol (the following/right words modifies the front/left word) (後ろの語が前を修飾することを示す前置符)
{18( below),34(pronoun)}(since this hand sign sign points down by thumb in front and center of the chest ): this ( 近くの「これ」・「この」)
: {44(a part of 'the sun'),18( down ), 36( time )}: evening (夕方)
{01(pointed),34(prnoun)}: it/its (indicated  by a topic)(話題の「それ」「その」)
{20(out),28(sheet, surface)}: the outer surface(外面)
{63(gentle, slow),36(time)}: gradual(ly)(次第に)
{gd (verb symbol), gc (preposition)}:  becoming ...(the following condition) (後続語の状態になる・・)
{31( shape ),57}: obscure (不明瞭)
{19(in), gc (preposition)} : in, inside of (〜の中で)
{{37(nature),59(water)}: rain (雨)

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