A Poem and the Pictograph for This Month - April, 2001 -

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Again I picked a Japanese lady's Tanka/short poem using similar characters to last month's, but with a very different face of the sea. I recall that I have experienced this kind of feeling too. This author is Higashi Naoko, and it's from * the Garden page ( sorry, only in Japanese ).

先月に続いて日本女性の短歌をとりあげます。地球語にすると、4月号と同じように「足」や「海」の字がでてきますが、それでいて海の表情がすっかり違います。私もこんな気持ちで心に海を見たときがあったのを思い出しました。今月の原作者は、* 東直子さんGarden で見つけた短歌です。

Original Tanka by Naoko Azuma:
ゆらりと満ちる 海がみえます

The meaning in English:

If I step on the white line, I must live to regret it
The filled sea swaying, I'm seeing

The meaning in EL:

{62( back ),34} : I, my, me ( by its position )(私)
{gd,  {23(change), 60(real)}(tentative, the situation whose actual matter can be changed) } {47,61}: foot ( by the shape ), step( v. with gd )(足、D動詞:踏む)
gc: preposition; the right word( /group of characters ) modifies the left of this grammar symbol(前置符)
{17,34}: that(その)
{ + 61( frontward )}: white(白)
03: line (線)
{17,28( surface )}: the upper surface; 'on' with gc ( but only upper side )(上の面)
works as a grammar symbol for nominative: It shows that the following character or phrase is the subject of a sentence(主語マーク)
{gd,60(true, penetrate, accomplish)} : must be(きっと〜になる、〜するにちがいない)
{36,62( behind )}: late( it's in the behind (62)} of a particular time spot ), after ( as time, with gc )(後の)
07( much ) {12( friction ),68} = stress in one's mind, complication(大きなストレス),
{later, stress}: regret (後悔)
30: grammatical symbol:to indicate a direct object of a verb, positioned at the head of an object phrase(動詞の対象を示す語の前において「〜を」)
{07(much),28(surface)}wide {41(move),42(wave)}shake: largely swaying(大きな揺れ)
{33,47(vessel, accepted)}: filled, fill (v. with ge)(満ちた)
{10(place),(always) 42(wave)}: sea/ocean (海)
{gd,53}: be + ..ing or be + adjective (Joining the meaning of #53 (situation), the verb explains about the present situation shown by the following character or phrase )(〜している)
{34,39(sense)}(eye-shape): eye, see (v. with gd), look (with the passive gd), show (vt. with ge )


ちなみに東の公式サイトはhttp://www.ne.jp/asahi/tanka/naoq/ です。もしよけ

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