Haiku and the Pictograph in EL, "global family" by hoo - January 2008 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

A Happy New Year To You!  Thanks for having visited here;
and I'll try my best to continue this corner.
Stimulated by haiku in this corner, I'm also practicing English haiku since
a little more than a year ago, under my haikuist-name, "hoo."
Hoo made haiku and its haiga for last EL greeting-card, visualizing the ideal global world.
Here this month, I'll translate the haiku in that card.


The symbols in this haiga (haiku-picture) are picture-like fundamental ideograms, as you see.
The symbol means plant, and tree, grass, flower and algae includes to form these kinds of plant.
insect and butterfly are not plants, but includes too. In this case, the total shapes symbolize their meanings as each simplified picture. This is the main trick to have hundreds of fundamental picture-like ideograms using only 70 bases.

The Japanese translation of this haiku (日本語訳):


The EL translation


{ preposition mark, d-verb mark to form a d-verb: meaning that the subject becomes in the condition shown by the following character/phrase; or the subject does the following action }: The verb phrase usually modifies the front word; but in this case, another phrase is behind with (the main subject mark).
(前置符と動詞符を重ねた記号で、後続語の状態の動詞がふつうは前の語・節を修飾する。ここでは被修飾語は を伴って後ろにある)
{ opposite,heading}: reflection (反射)
: reflecting (modifying another phrase) (反射する・・他の語を修飾して)
: the grammatical mark to show that the following character or phrase is an accusative case of a d-verb, and that is influenced by the action of the subject. English doesn't need this usually; but EL needs it for free order of parts of a sentence. (続く文字がD動詞の対象になる格であることを示す文法記号)
{the combination of oneself and the other}: each other (互い)
{ , }(forming a picture-like ideogram by the total shape): light (noun), shine (vi. with #gd) (光)

: the subject mark (主語、主体を表すマーク)
{ the, that (in a topic), globe}: the earth (地球)
{ {(place, life}: home, member}: family (家族)

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