Illustrated EL Dictionary [Location, Direction and Shape ](絵解き字典-位置・方向・形-)
[Four Directions and Four Seasons] (四方と四季)

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Location Direction and shape (位置・方向・形)
above, below, front, back, the left and the right (上下前後左右) / in and out (内外)
Four Directions and Four Seasons (四方と四季) / Various shapes (いろんな形)

Living creatures (生物)

This section has English and Japanese explanations; please ignore the Japanese parts,
or if you'd like to learn the Japanese words too on the way, see here to view Japanese writings.

Four Directions and Four Seasons (四方と四季)

The symbols, which arrow point four directions are used for North, South, West, East; also four seasons.

: North (北), : South (南), : West (西), : East (東)
In this case, the four arrow-bases don't mean 'up, down, in and out, and the circle doesn't mean 'round/globe.' is to show an abstract concept, and these symbols are pointing which direction in this globe.
Maybe the people in the southern sphere likes the opposite setting. But since the major maps in the past history have set the north as above. So EL followed the rule. For setting an abstract concept, we sometimes need arbitrary ruling. However after setting (North), other direction symbols are automatically understandable. One of the middle directions is shown a combination of the two symbols that it is between. For more applicable concepts, such as northern latitude and north pole, see the circle page or a direction basis page in the main dictionary.

{nature/自然, time/時} means a season, and four seasons are shown by the combination of a direction arrow-basis and this symbol:
: spring (春), : summer (夏), : fall (秋), : winter (冬)
The reasons of these settings has to be found through common feelings seeing these pictures. These are for the area having four seasons, and which month they belong to does not matter.

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