Haiga with EL Pictograph for haiku, "Love this rain" by a Yugambeh in Australia (December 2013)

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I like the following Australian Aborigine's website and a page in FB: thanks Robby K. to share the links, and I'd like to introduce them to you too.

 The Yugambeh Museum (Australia) : Queensland's First Aboriginal Language App for Apple & Android. I saw the Yugambeh language dictionary there, and enjoyed their words. I recall my early childhood, using a lot of onomatopoeias repeating the same sound twice, such as wan-wan for a dog, choki-choki for scissors, ton-ton-suru for to beat, goshi-goshi-suru for to rub. Yugambeh language seems to use the similar way!

Yugambeh Museum site has a Yugambeh haiku, and I created an EL pictograph haiga here for that haiku, Actually I made this page near two months ago, and mailed to the site several times to get the author's name and his/her permission, but no answer has come yet. I'm still trying to contact.

Another nice page in FB is "Aboriginal Australian People" with a lot of beautiful earth smell photos and vibrations. A photo in this page informed that they are only 2.5% of the Australian population, and 43% of the Suicides... The beautiful people might have to find a happy feeling in the rain, not the bright sun.....

Earth Language is for protecting all minority languages and cultures, reading in each language without losing it for global communications. Picture-like expressions are possible like this example, also creations of dance with much meanings by showing EL hands and body signs are available too. I hope the Yugambeh people will like Earth Language ideas. If they would start using EL for their expressions with joy, involving other peoples, they might be able to lead the world, similar to spreading their didgeridoo music.


FBの"Aboriginal Australian People"という、土の香りたっぷりの美しい写真満載のページを見てドキッとしました。彼らの人口はオーストラリアの2.5%なのに、自殺者は43%にもなるそうです。もしかすると、彼らはまぶしい太陽ではなく雨に幸せを見出さなければやれない心境なのかもしれません。英語を使うのではなく、このような文字絵の表現や地球語の手話・身振り語などでダンスの創作を先にたって楽し み、世界を巻き込んで、彼らが世界のリーダーになるチャンスにしてほしいです。