EL Pictograph for Haiku [the ocean] by Kala Ramesh (October 2012)

. . . . .

An Indian poet, Ms. Kala Ramesh (Pune) sent me one of her newest and beautiful haiku,
expressing through her past memory.
Responding to her request, here is its pictograph.

今回はインドのKala Rameshさんのリクエストにお応えして、

The original English haiku by Kala Ramesh:

the ocean in a raindrop inside my womb a heart

Published in Modern Haiku Autumn 2012
This one-line haiku embodies Hindu 'Advaitic' principle of 'oneness,' she says.

There are organ names in this haiku, but I simplified them in the pictograph,
avoiding logical expressions, rather to focus on her feeling.

The Japanese translation:

雨滴の中の海 わたしの子宮の中の心臓

The symbols in the pictograph:
nature, love/compassion, rain, ocean, wave, I/me, torso,
vessel/container, life, thought/heart (the vessel in the torso holds another life; so you can know it's the womb)

About the haiku author, Kala Ramesh:
She is excited about introducing haiku and its genres as a 4 month course study at SSLA, a reputed college in Pune. A first for India!
25 haiku showcased: Simply Haiku November 2009:
An exclusive interview on Tanka Online from January 2010: A Song in the Air—Kala Ramesh