Greetings and Earth Language (EL) Annual Report for 2011

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Happy Yule &
Big Hopes for 2012

Reading of these EL image messages
The left:
Pushed by night time, daytime became very short.
The power of Happy heart opens energy
to push back against the night.
The right:
In the year of 2012, your heart brims over
with light of hope.

As my one of local projects, I'm making this labyrinth with Friends of Forest Spirits (a club I made a year ago). "I" carried totally about 200 wheelbarrows-full of soil, rocks and woodchips for this, and not enough yet. This project has raised my muscles very much, keeping me healthy. I think anytime is not too late to train your body and thoughts.

At the center of this labyrinth,  I used 'g' (EL-ASCII) for the shape of the walking trail (the white part). When I see the design, I realized that the black outline spiraled in the opposite direction as 'G', meaning also opposite of 'g'. I felt the yin and yang structure of EL afresh.

You are welcome to walk the trail in your imagination. Sometimes you can hear bald eagles singing.
(The photo was taken from second floor; The quality got down by bit map edit, sorry. Haiku: by hoo)

The main things about EL in 2011

# In February, started [Earth Language] page in Facebook.
When digging up the series from the basic (1) in its wall, you visually can see what EL is like. If you have a question about or want to discuss EL, or would like to share your creation with EL fonts, you are welcome to do that through the page. I also could learn quite bit from others. I'm sorry we have lost our discussion site by Facebook update. 

# Thanks, poets, who sent me haiku right after 3-11 Japan earthquake, [The Great East Japan Earthquake] page in the poem section has that collection translated into Japanese/English and EL. (March)
For months, I kept hand drumming to pray for the sufferers' peace.

# In April, made an EL meditation exercise lecture for the first time in WA. Participants seemed to enjoy it. I should do it more often or regularly but not this year yet, keeping busy for outdoor works.

# After an interval of several years, I checked the EL definition system pages and changed English explanations here and there.

# Got new glasses and a pc + software set with a large monitor to help my poor vision. It took more than a month to fix setting troubles. My partner helped to solve it; and yet I'm still struggling to figure out how to use the new system, getting confused by incompatibility for web page editing with the old way. I'm sorry for my recent less activity and slowness in the EL net society.

*#* EL seeds started to sprout far from Yoshiko's hands:

Earth Language group in Ning net society started by Jouni Sakari Kemppinen (Finnish) in his page [sah kah reh 'la] to learn EL in his unique way and to enjoy creations with EL symbols and visual thinking. (since October) He is good on visual thinking with nice graphic skill, having been interested in EL for years; and is trying to spread EL in many languages passionately.
In fact, I was watching his site a little in a sweat, being afraid that the group tended to ignore the basic rule to simplify their expressions. But I think EL might even enjoy that kind of creative users. New things always come up destroying something readymade. EL also was born beyond the rules of any other languages. The EL system is originally ready to change to adjust for time and situation, following the nature system. The point is that the EL basement was set to connect all cultures and communication methods into a circle. If its rules got simplified for an area/culture, it could lose the globally common function. When the group gets various types of participants,  they can prevent this, watching each other, besides stimulating and raising up their creativity together. 

A basement of Wiki type Earth Language Dictionary site started by Mindaugus Indriunas (a Lithuanian, now living in the east of the US). Here you can type EL fonts to search its definition in many languages, although the contents are still limited. If you or your friends are interested in volunteering to expand the contents for your mother language referring to the original EL dictionary site, we would be happy. Please let Mindaugus or me know to be a cooperator.  (since November)

Jouni and Mindaugus are both multi language users originally from a minor culture in Europe; and still think a universal language like EL instead of English is needed to shape the world into one. Mindaugus searched and found Common Web Language (CWL) too. CWL seems to make machine translation rationally, analyzing words into root definitions and each codes. It must be convenient, but I still believe that each person using two types of languages is the best way for the future: one is in local traditional way, and another is for global and multi method communications. Depending entirely on machine translation is too risky. When using only each own language to communicate with foreigners with the machine, it would be difficult to know each other's hidden different points. Misunderstanding creates affliction.

I'm happy that EL has gotten these supporters. I can focus more on writing a book, "Symbols Think" (tentative title) about the core philosophy of EL with the bases.

Thank you very much for your reading.
I wish you wonderful holidays!

Yoshiko McFarland

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