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to play and learn Earth Language Playground with Children

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Let's play with Kids or returning to a child, using Earth Language Symbols here, creating drawing-songs, riddles, sign-dances, and etc.
These pages are under construction now, having some examples of play and song. Why don't you join us to bring your idea and creations here? Let's have fun to build up this playground together!

Kids love to play.
Playing with their hands, with their feet,
with their voice,
their brains play a lot.
It's more fun to play with someone else.

If kids in far countries once enjoyed the same play,
even after growing up far away,
the windows among them can open right away.

The EL symbol is such a tool of play.
The kids' future world will be connected by that way.

For an example:
Does anyone want to create a song of the above title image filled with kids' energy or this image?

Turning, the round Earth is turning

Little wave calls the following
and it calls another to make the sea.
All waves come around the earth.

Little wind wakes the following up
and it wakes another to work all together
to fill the earth with various lives.

Little lives born the followings
Unlimited lives bring up the heart.
The heart of the earth.

Turning, the round heart is turning.

Make lyrics/words in your own language or English, associating with Earth Language (EL) symbols for the drawing images. EL sentences can be pronounced, but the vocal signs are still tentative. Also EL is a new system that can be read in any other languages or voicelessly.

The EL Dictionary might give you some inspirations. If you can't find the symbols that you want, let me know, let's think together.
When you create a new song, please publish it on YouTube and let us know.
Let me link it from here, please. Someday, someone might sing your song far from your home!

Please send your questions and applications on Facebook's Earth Language page or email to Yoshiko.

Yoshiko McFarland
(Change (at) and (dot) to the proper marks, please.)

Non of examples in these linked songs has music yet. If you could make one, I'd be very happy.:
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