The Philosophy of Earth Language (since March 2020)

This is the corner to deepen your understanding of the Earth Language Philosophy, by showing the profound meaning of the shape of each symbol and how it affects to us. Please make good use of these ideas to check your understanding of the world and yourself.

地球語の考え方をより深く理解するためのコーナーです。シンボルの形が持つ根本的な意味とそれが与える作用について一歩深く踏み込みます。自身と世界について のあなたの理解を自問するためにお役立てください。


# The meaning of the frame/the empty square からっぽの正方形の記号枠の意味

# The Magical Method of a Grandma (2020)

How we can turn the worldwide misfortune of the pandemic 2020 into a beneficial result?
A Grandma talks to you in this series.
She uses a magical method. Why is it magical? What does she do with it?
Please think together with her.


Contents もくじ
(1) - (3)
Don’t just build up fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.
It might be an important message from Nature to the humans
to let them imagine their truly ideal society and steer for that direction.

1) The benefit of the pandemic パンデミックの効用、 2) What is Earth Language? 地球語って何?
3) Nature and artificial thing 自然と人工

(4) - (6)
The grandma keeps talking.
What an important thing to imagine the future world is, what the real democracy is like,
and how much we came closer or still far away to it now.

4) Time; Past, Present and Future 時、過去・現在・未来
5) True/Real 真/リアル 、6) De-nation and new way of relationship 脱国家と新しいつながり方

(7) - (8)
What we should have for bringing up the new world
 based on mutual trust and cooperation
instead of monetary competition and fight.
The Grandma offers her concrete opinions、and finishes to talk.

7) From number value to hearty value 数の価値から心の価値へ
8) The software in the Earthian common brain 地球人共通の脳内ソフトウェア

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