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Annual Letter Jan. 2019 from Yoshiko McFarland (English and Japanese)

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# The society which returns all territorial lands, waters and air to "the earth"
# The reality?
# Language supports the social base
# The evolution of the human society comes with both traditional and auxiliary common languages
# The tendency of the thinking way with the language based on "nature" and "the linguistic brain system"




At the beginning of the year, 2019, what do you have in your dreams?
I have a huge one which probably nobody has dreamed yet. Why don't you see it together?

God granted the ability to imagine the far past and future beyond one's life only to humans as part of their nature.

It is necessary to analyze our present conditions to go forward in our real lives, but also it's important to imagine the origin of where the human became "human" and the sustainable ultimate ideal future, to make sure that "now" is on the line to connect both images, right?

I dream of the ideal society in the future like this:

[The society which returns all territorial lands, waters and air to "the earth"]

The present earth is divided into nations.
The nation has its territory and people to govern them in their own way. Nature of land, sea and air divided by a border belongs to a country, or a somebody possesses a part of it. This is our reality where we live now.

But it is not the structure which nature produced, it was raised by humans history. The land, the sea and the sky are originally the surface of the earth, connecting and circulating everything to make one globe being pregnant with rich lives.

That means, will there be much possibility that the structure of national possession is overturned if human ideas would change in the future?

In the next era when strong will spreads to build up high walls around a country and the nation's mind, people might want to remove any exclusive walls from their environment and their minds.

Let's fly to the ideal future society.

For a creature on the earth, the sun which is his energy source is his father, and the earth which takes that energy to bring up all lives is mother. Every citizen of earth is a sibling of that family.

The siblings thank and respect their parents, and live on the base of the society where their joy is helping each other to live long lives harmoniously with nature and the family, making the most of each peculiarity.

A little more materially?

The land, sea and air of the earth's surface belong to mother earth, and no one else possesses any part of them. Humans can live in one place or travel around, while paying "a reward" instead of a tax to the earth and the universal system with gratitude for their support. Also some of them voluntarily serve for the mother earth's longevity by their study or actions.

Everyone has consciousness connected to everything that exists. So one tries to look for the point to understand the other whom he feels repulsion or doesn't understand, not putting up a door against him.

One has the freedom to settle down to continue his native traditional culture, while having freedom to move around and to learn other cultures to investigate new ways of life.

One can let himself loose from "the fixation" such as land or documented religious precepts, and can keep loving essential "traditions" through his free choice.

When taking off the fixed frames of nationality and territory, one would face the spirit of his tradition with his will more than inherit it formally, also his thoughts of his heart to think in spirit of the earth and ancestors would thicken more.

Regardless of race, one has friends and family whose sensitivities affect and coexist while respecting each others freedom.

The citizen of earth is given protection and basic education to be born and raised, and basic income is guaranteed because adults do some charity work depending on ability.

By those systems, they test one's ability without anxiety and show their best and live positively.

The global government has windows to accept opinions for its plans and administration from any citizen. These opinions are analyzed with the aid of AI, and influence the governing and activities. The government pushes forward a plan while always disclosing information to ensure the harmony of the people.

Also there are always "ears to listen to" personal troubles in the society not to store them up and burst into rage. Many elderly people enjoy the part of listening voluntarily.

The energy base of the global society is not depending on competing to defeat the other, also not on the rat race for the ego. It is a cooperative society to create harmony as an orchestra. Each one challenges to do his best for other people.

The human is a kind of animal who originally set up to feel happiness by making others happy and survived according to that peculiarity. The people in the future world are going to return to the origin.

In such a society, millionaires filling their pockets is not comfortable. They voluntarily contribute to infrastructures of the new world, and know the joy and happiness of helping others. The difference of the poverty and wealth decreases, and the relationship between people goes to be more equivalent.

The people in this society connected through nature to cooperate don't hate and don't want to remove different religions, ways of thinking and cultures. They perceive a difference as a stimulant to widen their vision and thought and bind it together to new ideas and creations.

A cause and a motive to commit a war, terrorism, a riot and an evil deed disappear when such a base is activated. Nuclear weapons and armament expenditures become unnecessary, and the provision and preparation corresponding to the negative event including the police, prisons and criminal-related laws are also largely reduced.

The human resource and the budget once allotted for these purposes can work for building more comfortable societies and for searching for unknown worlds. The people live for beauty and truth rather than power.

[The reality?]

"Do not talk in your sleep. Watch reality!" If you say so, your reality must be on the premise that "the competition base" that nations compete to pursue national interest is unchangeable.

The nation does not mind deceiving and threatening for more national interest or to take hegemony. The one with the control power wins. The ones who are coaxed by propaganda are foolish. The entire world is rolled up in information warfare, diplomacy warfare, economic warfare and sometimes even an actual fighting with armaments, and the ways influence the attitude of personal economic activities and morals.

The financier makes their capital multiply by just moving it from one country to another, using "the difference" between cross-national resources, product, personnel expenses, value of money, tax rate, exchange rate, and so on. While their wealth gains gigantic increases, the number of the poor who are not provided a place to live in, jobs and  education increases. So the difference between wealth and poverty continues enlarging.

The people run for "competition" and the world moves in the system. The hegemony struggle goes on from a thought that only world conquest has a way of "unification." But no nation wants to be ruled over by force. Nobody wants his own tradition to be neglected. So the energy against a conquest always works, too.

The people get exhausted by this present world with these endless competitions and struggles, and might easily have an image of the end of the world for the future.

When counting up the reasons that we cannot realize an ideal world, you cannot get closer to the ideal.

Isn't it the time now to deepen an ideal image of the more mature global society and to work out "the way" to make the dream of the evolved society come true?

[Language supports the social base]

What will make it possible for the rudder which could break the preconception that past history built, and changes a base of the global society from "competition" into "harmonious cooperation"?
The base here means the base of the way of thinking relating to where the society is headed for.

The thought is not born without "a language." And the structure of the language controls the way of thinking of the user.

English is now used in the widest domain, and is learned as a second language among the most countries. Its origin was formed while ruling races were often replaced and raised branches and leaves in the constant  struggle between nations.

The U.K. holds the hegemony of the sea in the Age of Geographical Discovery, and colonized continents and islands including India, North America, Australia, and governed them. So in those areas, English has been used as an official language, and made a big expansion. Furthermore, in the present age, English led the departure for the dispatch of scientific information, computer, IT, and SNS, and it came to be used as common language all over the world.

Would the world turn on "a competition principle" before English spread so widely?

In the history of continuous struggling, English took in vocabularies from other cultures to raise its ability of expression, and make the logical power stronger to put self-assertion through, and added devices to beat efficiently, and English is now strong and competitive.

Also such an English diffused the capitalism based on the free competition principle and extended the society which competed to the top of the pyramid in the world.

The time when the whole global society affects is the first experience for human beings. If humans wish to keep harmony in the global society, they need to forget the basic idea to compete for defeating others, and to create a new language based on cooperative and harmonious relationships. The creation of the language with all peoples together would start to make this world shift to cooperative. Then each of them should use both languages, the traditional one and the new one, to think.

The human race has followed their culture by each mother tongue, and has developed their history. Traditional language is important. One can lose even who he is without the traditional language; also he can't get his ancestral memory and wisdom without it.

Since the Age of Geographical Discovery, several thousand minority languages and cultures already disappeared, but approximately 2,000 languages still exist, they say.

As far as using the common language that harms them by its spreading, inequality of the world base continues, and we cannot expect the evolution of global society.

[The evolution of human society comes with both traditional and auxiliary common languages]

When the animals evolved, they did not change entirely but restructured their system while inheriting the past. Homo sapiens inherit the basic structure of the life support from older animals.

In Homo sapiens, the evolution of the brain was remarkable, but its weight did not extremely increase.

The part of the human brain which controls linguistic function can put mass memory in and out, and got ability to imagine in combination. And the evolution was carried out by high speed transmission of each neuron, and the structure of the memory which neurons change the connection with other ones to make various neuron-combinations to hold various memories. The new system made it possible to hold large amounts of memory out of limited amounts of neurons and to imagine what is not in real time.

God granted the hardware: such parts of the brain evenly to humans, but it does not work without the software handling a concrete language.

The software in the brain does a unique way of working in every race. Because it works with each race's wisdom and custom along its unique environment and history.

The language of the hegemony country is also one of such unique software.

Even so, if the hegemony language is globally unified in its software, throwing away others, the global society would lose much wisdom and information and become distorted.

It must be clever to use both each traditional language and the new common auxiliary language together, while developing the new brain software with the whole global family. Otherwise, is there a way to make the world connecting all equally, and to make evolution for a sustainable global society?

The human gets a sense of distance and the three-dimensional impression to an object by having two eyes and two ears.

The thought is the same, too. An image can have depth by seeing from two different bases together: one base works in each language and culture inherited from ancestors, and another base is common and it works depending on nature and recognition elements of human beings.

The planets do not go around the sun with a perfect concentric circle. Each one goes around its elliptic orbit, but they are bound together as one system because of having the sun as their common axis.

When people communicate in a common axial language, anyone can feel some gap with the mother tongue base. However, the thing becomes the background to forgive each other about their "ambiguity."

Nature itself has some vagueness. Any border is vague when observing between species of plant and animal, between sexes and between kinds. The new existence seems like to be born by swimming across vagueness.

Unlike a mathematical language, it is an important condition to permit some vagueness to link various unique people to a circle.

The new auxiliary language is used with the user's traditional language together to mediate global communications, but the purpose must not be only for helping a global communication. If so, it can't be widely spread.
It should help every individual person's thinking in various ways by compensating the lack of functions of a traditional language, by giving another aspect, by compactly arranging information, by assisting to bring up creative ideas, etc. It is natural that the duty and the structure of the auxiliary language are different from a traditional language.

It was 30 years ago that I first got the idea of such a new language, naming it "Earth Language (EL)," and begun to work out the concrete system of the plan. The reason why I tried hard to prove that the unprecedented structure could be created was that I wanted to get rid of war from the world.

I did not notice that it could be the big method to wipe out borders eventually from the earth, and it could be the way to evolve human society, until last year, 2018.

The world suddenly started running to division and segmentation in 2018, calling for anxiety and fear. The year for me wasn't easy, too, by letting me know that a life time has limitation. My organs have gotten out of order under the influence of the accident of the backbone two years ago, and I realized that a life could be kept normal when the parts worked in right way connecting all together for a healthy body.

The global society is also a big living entity. What we have to think of now for sustainable future is not to put up the walls, but to take them off fundamentally. EL works for that particular purpose...., I finally realized it.
(The EL website has not yet mentioned the point, still keeping the premise that a nation still continues, and introducing EL mainly as a useful communication tool with the function to arrange information.)

I wrote about the summary of the concrete device plan of EL in last year's news letter. (*
So here, I add some comment about what could be changed on the thinking way of the people by using the EL system.

[The tendency of the thinking way with the language based on "nature" and "the linguistic brain system"]

The universe started to be from nothing with infinite energy by repetition of dividing and connecting.

The structure of Earth Language has learned from the constitution of the universe and from the mechanism of the human's linguistic brain, to increase its vocabulary: it distinguishes the meaning or function of the symbol by a method to change the connection between foundation elements in various ways, while arranging information.

Nature consists of permanence and change, and a change widens variety. Also nature has hierarchy characteristics and the resemblance phenomenon among categories, too. The foundation elements of EL are unchangeable things learning from the structure of nature. A change or a culture is formed and expressed by combining some of these elements.

This structure make the users think on the foundation of  human beings, and sometimes lets them return to the origin to see themselves objectively. The society of such people seems to become hard to be swung around by emotions and the things just in front of them.

Also this structure brings people's power up for their expression and understanding by their own devices, while reducing their quantity of memory, and lets them think while feeling of the infinite background from where any concept comes out. Therefore a person would become hard to lose sight of himself while living in a flood of information.

This system opens a new concept by variously trying combinations of elements, and it can be a method to bring up a new creation. The new idea to be born in sequence continues letting the society be vigorously active.

The physical world began from the separation of whole into Yin and Yang polar regions. The universe is the field of the electrical flow having the plus and minus polarities. Good and evil are the images that humans produced for their expedience. The idea that distributing the world into good and evil, and putting up walls between them to exterminate evil is not proper in the rationality of nature. The important thing to make the world stable is to balance and harmonize the polar regions.

EL has many binary forms of symbols to suit adversely to each other. Each of them shows its direction clearly in the image, and at the same time, it calls the reverse image together, too. Visual symbols do works at once. So, the user develops sense of balance unconsciously through binary formed symbols. 

The sound has the nature that disappears as soon as uttered, and the vocal rule can be easily changed. Contrary to it, the shape has the property that is going to remain.

It is natural that the base of the widely everlasting language is "the shape" that is going to remain. On this basis with the sustained consciousness, the people will come to make decisions backed by long and wide view consideration, imagining that it could transmit to far descendants, and not to run about for a momentary thought.

As for the sound words, pronunciation takes time, but the shape can be instantly distinguished. In addition, the hieroglyphic simplified symbol is universally easy to see the content, and also the symbol can be shown by various methods, such as by writing, by shaping or moving a hand or hands, by the entire body movement or gesture, and by the sense of the shape with tactile difference, etc.

Therefore by learning only one system of EL, the people get a variety of choices for a way of the transmission, and a social connection becomes wider and more meaningful. And it could work as the preparation not to be troubled with mutual understanding when one's body got in need of it suddenly.

A sound is a wave. It swings feelings. And the mother tongue that soaked into a body may come out automatically with feelings. On the other hand, a visual symbol to convey for a long time is quiet and objective. Don't you feel fun with the world equally to exchange content by a letter or a hand or body sign while people talk using each mother tongue?

The sound wave peculiar to a race is with the original soul that came from distant ancestors. No one wants to pronounce the name incorrectly. When we have the hieroglyphic formation of the organ of speech and the scientific pronunciation indication, any name can be pronounced as close as the original sound, also the users will leave a descendant taking good care of sound identification.

In addition, when a deaf person tries his organ of speech depending on the sign system, he can catch a sound as his somatic sensation, and it might make him easier to do reading lips. Both the definition system and the phonetic system in the language lives a long life without spoiling both functions, when the functions of them are distinguished in the usage. (All Alphabets have lost their correct phonetic functions over their history.)

The physically impaired people can positively make use of their unique wisdom by sharing the same EL with ordinary people,  and they can activate their entire society, too.

A person can be healthy when the cells and organs work holistically in his body. The whole space is connected as the wave being transmitted through the vacuum, too. The people can't but raise the awareness that the whole is connected by using the holistic system of EL which a variety of functions and contents lead to.

Don't you feel that the world seems to be linked as a family, if you share the development of such a language? Competitions and debates must continue over the way of the development and the concrete plans, but may not cause a war. And the circle of the global family would grow up whenever they solve opposition.

Written by Yoshiko McFarland   January, 2019

Please refer to the Earth Language website for the concrete system and the details:
The plans of this site is tentative. You are welcome to join us for more improving EL.


天はヒトに、自分の人生から遥かに 遠い過去や未来を想像する能力を授けました。

今の一歩を進むための現状分析は必要ですが、ヒトがヒトとなった原点と、 永続可能な究極の理想の未来を想像し、両方を結んで、「今」がその線上にあることを確認することも大事ではないでしょうか?



国家は領土と民を有し、それぞれ独自のやり方で統治しています。国境によって区切られた陸海空の自然は、その国に所属し、あるいは誰 かの所有物です。

でもそれは、ヒトの歴史が育てたも の、地球自然が生み出したしくみではありません。元々大地や海や空は、つながって一球体を成して豊かな命を宿す地球の表面。

ということは将来、ヒトの意志が動 けば、国家領有のしくみは覆される可能性も大有りでしょう?

国境に高い壁をめぐらす強い意志が 働く時代の次には、ヒトは、見える壁も見えない壁も取っ払いたくなるかもしれません。

理想の未来社会に飛んでみましょ う。

地球上の生きものにとって、エネル ギーの元である太陽は父、それを受け止めて命を育む地球は母。地球民は、その一家の兄弟姉妹。

父母に感謝し敬い、それぞれが持って生れた天性を十分に発揮して命を全うできるよう、そして人々の暮らしが自然とともに調和して永く 活き活きと続くよう、互いに助け合うことを喜びとするベースの上に立つ社会・・・


地球表面の陸海空は、誰の所有物で もなく母なる地球のもの。
ヒトは、それぞれ父母の星と宇宙のしくみに感謝を込めて、税ではなく「謝礼」を払いながら居住し、移動し、活動・活用する。また、自 然の持続性のために研究や行動で自発的に「奉仕」する。

誰もが、あらゆる存在とつながって いる意識を持つ。

だから、反発を感じたり分からな かったりする相手には、戸を立てるのではなく、理解の接点を探ろうと努める。

人々は、各自の伝統文化を継承して 定住する自由を持つ一方、移動し、他文化とつながって学び、新しい生き方を探る自由も持つ。

地所や文書化された戒律などの「固 定」から自身を解き放ち、開かれた選択肢の中から「伝統」をその本質によって愛し保つことができる。

国籍や領土領海の固定枠をはずせ ば、世襲的・形式的に継ぐよりも、伝統の精神性に意志で向き合い、地霊や先祖を思う心もより濃くなる。

人種を問わず、感性が響きあう仲間 をひろく持ち、互いの自由を尊重しながら共存する。

地球民は、生まれ育つための保護と 基礎教育を与えられ、大人も、能力に応じたいくらかの奉仕活動をすることで、ベーシック・インカムが保障される。

それらの支えにより、人々は心配なしに自分の能力を試し、ベストを尽くし て積極的に生きる。

地球政府には、誰でも諸計画・諸問 題に関して意見を述べる窓口があり、意見は、AIの助けも借りて解析され、政治に反映される。そして地球政府は、常に情報公開しなが ら、民とともに地球社会全体の均衡を図って計画を進める。

個人的な悩みについても、溜めて爆 発させなくて済むよう、社会には常に「聞く耳」がある。高齢者の多くは、自発的に耳役を楽しむ。

根本が、勝を競い利己を求める競争 社会ではなく、他とともに他のためにどれだけできるか自己挑戦する協力・協奏の社会。

ヒトは元来、他に尽くすことで幸せ を感じるように仕組まれ、それにしたがって生き延びてきた動物だ。その原点に帰ろうとしている。

そんな社会は、私腹を肥やす富豪に は居心地がよくない。彼らは、自発的に新世界のインフラストラクチュアに寄与し、他のために役立つ喜びと幸せを知る。貧富の格差は減 少し、人と人の関係は対等化に向かう。

地球自然を軸としてつながり協力するこの社会の人々は、異なる宗教・考 え方・文化を嫌い排除しようとは考えない。違いを、自分の視野・思考を広げる刺激剤として受け取 り、新しい発想・創造へと結ぶ。

このようなベースが活きてくると、 戦争やテロ・暴動・悪事を働く原因や動機が無くなる。核武力や軍事費は不必要となり、警察・刑務所や犯罪関連の法など、負のできごとに 対応する備えも大幅に減量する。

かつてそれらに充てられていた人材 と予算は、より快適な社会の建設や未知への探求に向けられる。そして人々は、強い力を求めるよりも美や真に向かって生きる。


国家は、国益のため、また覇権を握るため、嘘・騙し・脅しも厭わない。支配権を得たほうが勝ち、プロパガンダによって騙されるのはマヌケ。世界中が情報・外交戦、経済戦争 そ して武力戦争に巻き込まれ、個人の経済活動やモラルのあり方にも影響する。

資本家は、国家間の資源や産物・人件費・通貨価値・税率・為替レートなど の「違い」を利用し、資本を国家間で転がすだけで彼らの資本をさらに巨大化する。そして大富豪の富が増えれば増えるほど、住む場所も 仕事も教育も得られない貧者の数も増え、貧富差は拡大しつづける。

「競争」によって人が動き、世界が 動く。「統一」へは世界征服しか道がないという考えから、覇権闘争は続く。どこの国民も、力で支配されたくはない。自国の伝統を疎か にされたくない。だから征服させない抗力も常に働く。


理想を実現できない理由を現実の中 に数え上げていては、理想に近づくことはできません。

成熟した地球社会の理想イメージを 深めて、そこに地球社会を進化させる「手立て」を練るときではないでしょうか?




現在最も広領域で使われ、最多国で 第二言語として学ばれる英語は、度々支配民族が入れ替わる中で原型を成し、国家間の絶え間ない摩擦闘争の中で枝葉をつけました。

大航海時代に英国が海の覇権をに ぎって、インド・北米・豪州を含む大陸や島々を植民地化し、統治したため、英語を公用語とする地域が拡大。さらに現代では、科学情報 の発信・コンピュータ・IT・SNS時代の出発をリードして、英語は世界中で共通語として使われるようになりました。


英語は、闘争の絶えない歴史の中、 他文化から語彙を吸収しまくって表現力を高め、自己主張を通す論理を練り、効率よく勝つ工夫を重ねて強い競争力をつけました。

そんな英語が、自由競争原理に基づ く資本主義も普及させ、ピラミッドの頂上へと競う社会を世界に拡大したのです。

地球社会全体が絡む時代は、ヒトに とって初めての体験です。地球人社会にハーモニーを保ちたいとヒトが希望するなら、勝つための競争ではなく、調和・協力を促すベース の言語をみんなで創造、共有し、伝統言語と照らしながらものを考えるべきではありませんか?

民族は、それぞれ母語で文化を伝え 継ぎ、歴史を開拓してきました。伝統言語は、それが無くては祖先の記憶と知恵を取り出すことができず、自分が何者かのIDさえわから なくなる大切なものです。

大航海時代以来、既に数千のマイノ リティ言語と文化が消えましたが、まだ約2千の言語が存在するといわれます。

普及することによってそれらを損ね るような共通語を用いる限り、


動物が進化するとき、丸ごと変わる のではなく、過去を受け継ぎながらしくみを整理しなおしてきました。ヒトも、生命維持の基本的なしくみは旧い動物から受け継いでいま す。

ヒトでは、脳の進化が顕著ですが、 重さが極端に増えたわけではありません。

ヒトの言語脳は、大量の記憶を出し入れし、組み合わせて想像する力を得ました。その進化は、神経細胞内の伝達速度を上げ、他の細胞と の接続を切り替えて多様につなぎ換え、つながりで記憶するしくみによって果たされました。限られた数の神経細胞で大量の記憶を保ち、 目の前にないことも想像できるようになったのです。

天は、そのような「言語脳」というハードウェアをヒト共通に授けましたが、それは、具体的な言語を扱うソフトウェアなしには働きませ ん。


覇権国の言語も、そんなユニークな ソフトウェアの一つにすぎません。

にもかかわらずそれに統一して他を 捨てれば、地球社会は歪になり、祖先から伝わる多くの知恵と情報を失ってしまいます。

伝統の言語ソフトは今後も使い育て続けながら、それとは別に地球人共用の言語ソフトを共同開発して併用する方法が賢明です。それ以外 に、地球社会を対等に円く つなぐ進化への道があるでしょうか?


思考も同じです。先祖から受け継い だ思考ベースと、地球自然とヒトの認識要素を基とする共通ベースの2つを相照らすことで、イメージが奥行きをもちます。

惑星は太陽の周りを完璧な同心円で 回ってはいません。それぞれの楕円軌道を回っているのですが、太陽を共通軸として一つのシステムに結ばれています。

共通軸の言語を介して交流すると き、誰もが母語ベースとのずれを感じるでしょう。けれど、それが互いに「アバウト」を許し合う背景となります。

自然はアバウトにできています。植 物と動物、雌雄や品種など、何を観察しても境界は曖昧。新しい存在は、曖昧を泳いで生まれてくるかのよう。

数学言語とは違い、ある程度の曖昧 さを許すことは、個性ある人々を輪に結ぶ大事な条件なのです。

新しい補助言語は、そのように伝統言語と併用されてグローバル交流を仲介 しますが、異言語の仲介だけが目的では広く普及できないでしょう。伝統言語に不足する機能を補い、もう一つの視界を開き、情報整理を したり創造性を引 き出す機能によって個人的な思考も助けてこそ普及できます。伝統言語とは、役目やしくみが異なって当然です。

私がそんな働きの補助言語に「地球 語」 と名づけ、具体案を練り始めたのは、もう30年も前のことです。前例のないそのしくみが創造可能なことを証明しようと頑張ってきたのは、この世から戦争を無くしたかったか らでした。

それが実は、究極的には地球から 国境を拭い去り、ヒト社会を進化させるための手段だとは、昨2018年まで気づきませんでした。

私にとっては、生きる時間には限界があることを実感する年でした。2年前の背骨の事故の影響で諸器官が狂い、体は、部分がつながって 共に働いてこそ命を保つことを痛感させられました。

地球社会もまた、大きな一つの生命体です。健康な地球社会のために今考えねばならないのは、循環を障害する壁を立てて回ることではなく、根本的にはずすことではないか、そ のために 「地球語」 は働くのだと、ようやく気づいたのでした。
(地球語ウェブサイトではま だ、 国家が存続することを前提とし、情報整理の機能を持つ便利な伝達手段として紹介しています。)

地球語の具体的なしくみ案の概要は、去年の年頭便り後半(* に書きましたので、ここでは、そのしくみが人々の思考にどんな傾向をもたらすかについて付け加えましょう。

「自然」と「言 語脳のしくみ」に沿う言語の思考傾向

宇宙は、無限のエネルギーを秘めた 無から、分け・つなぎを繰り返して生じました。

地球語のしくみは、宇宙の成り立ちから学び、ヒトの言語脳のメカニズム に習って、基礎要素同士の接続を多様に切り替える方法で情報整理しながら造語します。

自然は、不変と変化で成り立ち、変化が多様性をひろげます。そして自然 には、階層性や相似象も見られます。それら自然の成り立ちから学ぶ地球語の基礎要素は、不変的な内容です。 それ らを組み、形を変えて変化を表すのです。

このしくみは使用者に、ヒトにとっての基本となる土台上で考えさせ、とき には始原に立 ち戻らせて、自身の心を客観視する助けもするでしょう。そんな人々の社会は、感情や目先に振り回されにくくなりそうで す。

また、このしくみは、記憶量を減らしながら人々の表現力と理解力を彼ら自 身の工夫で豊かに し、無限の背景を感じながら、そこから生じる概念について考えさせます。そのため人々は、情報の洪水の中でも自分 の方向を見失い にくいでしょう。

このしくみは、多様につなぎ方を試すことで新しい概念を開き、創造を手繰 り寄せる手段にもなります。次々生まれる新しい発想は、社会を活性させつづけるでしょう。

物質的な世界は、陰陽両極への分れから始まりました。宇宙は、正負両極をもつ電気的流れの場です。善悪はヒトの都合が生んだイメー ジ。善と悪と を分け、壁を立てて悪を退治すれば世界が安定すると考えるのは、自然の合理性に合いません。安定のためには、両極の均衡こそが大切で す。

地球語には、正・逆に向く対の形の シンボルが多くあります。それらは、向きを明快に示すと同時に、反転させるとどうなるか、逆の立場のイメージも呼び寄せます。たとえば「わたし」と「あなた」は同じ形を 180度回転した記号で表すので、つい両方の立場から考えたくなります。その結果、使用者は無意識の内にバランス感覚 を養います。

音声は発すると消え、音声ルールは容易に変化しますが、逆に、形は残ろう と する性質を持ちます。

永く広く使われる言語は、残ろうと する「形」を基盤とするのが素直です。持続意識を伴うこの基盤上では、人々は、刹那的な考えに走らず、永い時間を背景に思考するよう になるでしょう。

音声ことばは、発音に時間がかかりますが、形は瞬時に区別できます。また、内容を単純化した象形シンボルは、普遍的に 伝わりやすく、書く・手で象る・動きや触覚の違いで象るなど、手段を変えて示すことも可能です。

そこで人々は、地球語の1システムを習得するだけで、伝達の仕方に多様な 選択肢を得て、 社会的つながりが豊かになります。そしてそれは、自分の体が突然不自由になった場合にも意思疎通に困らない備えとも なります。

音声は波です。感情を揺らします。 そして体に染み込んだ母語は、感情を連れて働き、自動的に飛び出すこともあります。一方、永く伝える視覚シンボルは、静かで客観的。 人々が、それぞれの母語で話しながら内容を絵文字に近い記号や手話で伝えあう世界・・対等で楽しそうでしょう?

民族固有の波調は、遠く先祖から流 れくる元の魂につなぐもの。誰も名前をゆがめて発音されたくはありません。発音器官の象形と働かせ方を組む科学的な発音表示は、どん な名前もオリジナルの発音に近づけ、音声識別を大事にする子孫を残すでしょう。

また、聾者が記号に頼って発音器官を試 せば、体性感覚によって音声を捉え、読唇しやすくもなるでしょ う。表音と表意で記号の使い方を区別すれば、記号大系は両機能を損 なうことなく永らえます。

視聴覚で不自由な人々も健常者と同じ地球語を共有することにより、彼らな らではの知恵を積極的に社会に活かすことができ、社会全体も活性化するでしょう。

ヒトは、全身の細胞や臓器がホリス ティックに働いて健康を得ています。宇宙全体も、真空を伝わる波動でつながっています。多様な機能や内容がつながる一つの記号体系の地球語 を使うことで、人々は、全体がつながっている意識を高めざるをえません。

こんな言語の開発をシェアすれば、 世界中が一家族として結ばれそうな気がしてきませんか?開発の仕方や具体案をめぐって、競争・論争は続くに違いありません が、戦争は起こせないでしょう。そして対立を解くたびに地球家族の輪は広がります。

2019年1月 Yoshiko McFarland 記