Monthly Poem in EL (September 1999)
[Black King] by Shuntaro Tanikawa

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This time I picked a poem [Black King] by Japanese poet, Tanikawa Shuntaro when he was young.

A hungry child is sad,
because of hungriness
A satiated king is sad,
because of satiates

The child listened to sounds of wind,
and the king listened to music,
while both two were with tears in their eyes
on the same single planet

{{23,33}(color),62(backward)}: black /  {{10,24}(country),{34,54}(chief)}: king
{67(life),47(accept),04(lacking)}: eating not enough = hungry
{57(wonder),67(life)}: child (as a fundamental character)
{gd,19}(past verb): * it's shown as  in the picture, the 'past' notation was changed from17 to 19 later of this month.
{06(opposite),{44(open),68(heart)}(happy): was sad, felt sorrow
{gc,{14,22}(reason)}: because of
{20(out),{33,47}(full)}: too much, overflow
{67(life),47(accept)}: eating (taking into a living body)
{01,34}: the
{gd,19}(past verb)   {{36,39(sense)}(ear (as a fundamental character)),15(recognition)} 30...: listened to...
{42(wave),70(space)}: wind
{36(time),42}: sound (these are fundamental characters)
{40(balance),44(opened), {36,42}(sound)}: music
(more than two #01 dots): showing some emotional pause( instead of completely connecting the sentences )
n2 {02,19,20}(combining the symbols of the left and the right; both: both of two
{gd(verb),19,53}: (describing how the subject was or were)
{{34,39}(eyes)59(water)}(tear): were with tears
{gc,17,28(plane, surface)}: on the surface of  13: same
{02(one),53(situation)}: single
{{03,13}(same kind),33,34(the earth - 01)}: (a) planet (as the same or similar thing to the earth)
32: period
Tanigawa's original in Japanese: 





{{23,33}(色),62(後ろ向き)}: black /  {{10,24}(国),{34,54}(頭的存在)}: 王様
{67(命),47(受),04(不足)}: 空腹
{57(疑問),67(命)}: こども(基礎文字)
{gd,19}(過去動詞符)(* 挿し絵ではですが、過去記号が後に17→19と変更) {06(逆),{44(開),68(心)}(幸せ): 悲しかった
{gc,{14,22}(理由)}: 〜ので
{20(外),{33,47}(満)}: あまりに
{67(命),47(受)}: 食(命に取り込む)
{01,34}: それ、その
{gd,19}(動詞過去)  {{36,39(感覚)}(耳 (基礎文字)),15(認識)} 30〜: 〜を聞いた
{42(波),70(空間)}: 風
{36(時),42}: 音(基礎文字)
{40(調和),44(開), {36,42}(sound音)}: 音楽
(2個以上の #01連続): 間(ま)、余韻の表示
n2 {02,19,20}(左右記号の重ね): 両方
{gd,19,53}(挿し絵の中では 、過去記号が17→19と変更:過去の状態) {{34,39}(目)59(水)}(涙): 涙を浮かべていた
{gc,17,28(面)}: 〜の表面のうえで
13: 同じ
{02(1),53(状態)}: 独、ひとり、ひとつ
{{03,13}(同種),33,34(地球 - 01)}: 地球と同じ種類のもの: 惑星
32: 終止符

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