Monthly Poem in Earth Language (May 1999)
[Solidarity] by Gary Snyder

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* This page includes Japanese. 

This poem is from "Turtle Island" Page:48 by Gary Snyder (New Directions Publishing Corporation).
I translated this poem visually in Earth Language.
金関寿夫訳…『アメリカインディアンの詩』より ゲイリー・スナイダー『亀の島』の部分からをビジュアルに翻訳してみました。

Original Poem by Gary Snyder:

Solidarity. The People.
Standing Tree People!
Flying Bird People!
Swimming Sea People!
Four-legged, two legged People!

The Japanese translation by Kanesaki Sumio

連帯しよう 人々よ
四本足の二本足の すべての人々よ!

*All the characters face the center. So upside-down a human() looks like a plant().
I thought it was more fun specially for this poem. (文字は中心に向かう配置です)

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