Monthly Poem and Pictograph [A Native American's Message] (May, 2000)

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*Please don't mind the part where you can't read, the explanation of this section is bilingual with Japanese.

This month, I picked a message by a Chitmachas Chief ( name unknown ) from the Classic Wisdom Collection "Native American Wisdom": edited by Kent Nerburn, Ph. D. + Louise Mengelkoch, M.A., New World Library 1991. 

( English):
My heart laughs with joy because I am in your presence....
Ah, how much more beautiful is the sun today
than when you are angry with us!


{02,23}: light (光), {44,68}: happy, {33,44}: the sun

{34,62}: I, my, me (by the positions),  (私)
68: heart (心)
gd( d-verb) {15,33,44,66}( laughing: hieroglyphic): laugh (笑う)
{gc (preposition),25(joining)}: with (とともに),
{44(open),68}: happy, joy(喜び)
... { gc (preposition),22(origin)}(:  from, because) (dl)...(dr)( internal sentence ):
because... (... ので)
{gd,54(existence)}: be (as to exist) (居る)
{34,61}: you, your (by the positions) (あなた)
01{41(move),68}01: the expression of interjection (感嘆、あぁ)
{gd,53(situation)}: be (as situation) ( (..な状態)だ)
  07(a lot), {13,07}(more) : much more  (よりもっと)
{40(balance),60(truth)}: beauty, be beautiful (with {gd,53} in front) (美しい)
34(indication of the subject of a sentence) (主語の標識)
{{36(time),44 (the main notation of the sun)} (day), 60(real)}: today (今日)
{33,44}(the sun) (太陽)
{01,34}: it ( the thing in the topic; = the sun here ) (話題のそれ)
{gc,36}: 'when' as a relative adverb (・・のときの)
{gd,19(past tens),53(situation)}: was, were (making a verb for past situation)
{12(friction), 44(open),68(heart)}: anger, get angry (as d-verb) (怒り)
{gc,21(heading)}: to (as preposition) (・・に)
{{34,62}(I, my, me),27(plural)}: we, our, us (by the position) (私たち)
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