Monthly Poem in EL [spring soil] by Takeshita Minami (March 1999)

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The original Haiku:
向き向きに みな考える 春の土 (Japanese)

The sound:
[ mukimukini mina kangaelu haluno tsuchi ] 

The meaning in English:
The spring soil (having been tilled)
Facing to various directions,
lumps of earth are all thinking something
each in his own way

* The explanations after ( / ) are in Japanese. English user, please ignore them.
{17(up),{36(time),37(nature)}(season)}: spring /春
( ...It is not always March through May in the world. It is the season when living things feel '(get) up'. )
{10,24} = land /地
{50(thing), 35(infinite)}: soil, earth /土
{17(up),21(facing direction)}: upward /仰向き
{18(down),21}: downward /俯き
{{20,33}(the east),21}: facing to the east /東向き
{{19,33}(the west),21}: facing to the west /西向き
{{18,33}(the south),21}: facing to the south /南向き
{{17,33}(the north),21}: facing to the north /北向き
{{01,34}('that' in a topic),27(plural}: those, they /それら
{33,54(existence)}: all /みんな
{gd,53(situation)}: are (do)ing, be in (the following character(s) situation) /(現在〜な状態)だ
(gd) (68): (emotionally) think /おもう
(gd) {34,37}(brain): (logically) consider/考える
(gb) (conjunction code): and /そして
(gc) (preposition code, the following character(s) modifies the front one(s) or the predicate / 後ろが前を修飾すると指示する文法記号
{02,34}: each/それぞれ
{14(way),31(form)}: manner, style, visual way/ 態度・様式(形に表れるやりかた

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