Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL [Spring] by Fuyue Anzai (March, 2000)

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This original short poem titled 'Spring' was written by Anzai Fuyue: born in Nara where the ancient capital of Japan was, and no ocean can be seen. In the earlier 20th century, he started a long journey wandering about the Chinese continent and lost a leg there but still continued his journey. When he came up to the east edge of Siberia, he found the view of 'Spring' on the ocean....


Original Poem by Fuyue Anzai

「春」 てふてふが一匹 韃靼海峡を渡って行った


A butterfly has gone alone over the Dattan strait
(Please enjoy in your own English translation)

{17(up),{36(time),37(nature)}(season)}: spring (as a season): 春
{28,45,66}( as a hieroglyphic ): butterfly: 蝶
{02(one),53(situation)}: alone, individual (modifying the following predicate): 独り、一匹で
{gd (verb symbol),22(original direction): the past verb tense about the predicate almost until now; I imagine that the butterfly is so far now and can't be seen anymore, but still he is watching the direction where the butterfly has gone, which is the same direction to his home land where he's never been for a long time. :
{21(heading),70(space, air in this case)}: fly ( head to somewhere through air ): 飛んでいく
{gc(preposition),14(way, through),70(space, between): over, across: 前置符で、〜を越えて
{dr (to show what kind the following name is for),{{10,42}(sea),16(dividing)}(strait)}; the notations between pl and pr are phonetics, showing the name 'DATTAN (g: as silent)':

* The Mamiya Strait was called Dattan(g) before WW2; the location is between eastern Siberia and Sakhalin.
** I read that some butterflies really have long distance flights beyond the sea, resting sometimes on the waves, floating on one wing like a boat.

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