Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL [The Earth People's Era] (Jan. 2000)

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This page uses English, Japanese and Earth Language (EL)

The Earth People's Era

{01,33,34}: earth (地球)
65: human (人)
{33,67(life)}: egg; The shells are broken and new lives are hatching in the picture (卵)
{23,41,70}: bird (鳥)
{28,45,66}: butterfly (蝶)

The Earth People's Era (地球民時代)

It became time to remove the old hard shells which had covered human lives.
People are going to rebirth with fresh wings of spirits,
to see far in the world as well as deeply seeing each home land with their own eyes,
to hear delicate sounds of moving earth and our own heart beats flowing from long ago,
to feel that they breath the atmosphere sharing it with all.
to feel that there is somebody somewhere to say "Good-night" when you say "Good morning",
to share the wonders of the earth, sadness and joyfulness, lives' and psychic mysteries with others.

* This time, a little complicated grammars are used. See the verb and bracket sections for more understanding. But I heard that the explanations are not enough, so I'll try to rewrite soon for these parts.
{36(time),60(real)}: now (今) 
gd: d-verb notation (D動詞符) : become
{10(place),36}: era (時代)  {dl, gc},dr,32(period  終止符): the contents of the brackets modifies era (括弧の中身が「時代」を修飾)
  {27(plural),65(human)}: people(人々) / gd 04 (away) 31: take (the next word thing) away (〜を除く)
{08(much),67(life),36(time)}: old (古い) 
{07,24,31}: much form stable: hard (硬い) 
{25,67}: shell (殻)
gc (preposition) {19,36}(past tense) {gd,35(infinity)} 48(covering): had covered for a long time (modifies the former word) (ずっと覆い続けてきた)
30(object indicator) {01,34,27}(their) {67,27}( lives): their lives (as the object) (彼らの命を)
{gd,27}(again become...) {22,67}(birth): rebirth (蘇る)
{gc,25}(with) {67,17(upward)}(fresh) {23,37,70}(wings): with fresh wings (新鮮な翼をもって)
gc {01,68}(spirit): of spirit (魂の)
{gc,gd}  {02,34}(each) {01,19}(one's own) {15(recognition),{34,39}(eyes)} 30: to see something (to understand) with each eyes (それぞれ自分の目で見て)
{07(much),20(out)}: far (遠い) / {10(place), 37(nature), 65(human)}: world (世界)
{gc,13(same),15}: as similar as()/ {08,18(down)}: deep(ly)/ {gd,10} (a noun from a verb) {15,34,39} 30: as well as seeing something deeply (〜を深く見るのと同じに)
{02,34} {10,67}(home) {10,24(stable)}(land) : each home land (それぞれが住む土地)
{gc,gd} {15,{36,39}(ear)} 30: to listen to (〜を聴く)
{01,33,34}(earth) {08(little),41(move)} {36,42}(sound): little moving sounds of earth (地球がかすかに動く音)
gb (and) {42,59,62}(blood) {{33,41}(turning around),44(open).46(organ)}: heart as an organ {36,42}: sound (そして心臓の音)
{gd,35}{42,59}: (eternally) flowing (ずっと流れ続ける) 
{gc,22}(from) {07(much),{19,36}(past)}: from ancient (昔から)
39 30: feel something (with d-verb) (〜を感じる) 
{46,67}( physical organ )(器官) {{42,70}(wind),19(in),20(out)09(noun)} : breathing (呼吸すること)
{gc, gd} {33,54}: all {16(parts),47(accept)}: to share with all (みなで分け合う〜)
30 13(same) {37,70}(sky): the same sky( as an object of a sentence ) (同じ空を)
{07,20}( far ) {15( recognized, but ) 57(?),65( person )}: someone (遠くの誰か)
.. gd {{04,39}(mouth),42} {dl,42}..{dr,42}: speak ".." (「会話括弧の中身」と言う)
{33,35,40}(for EL greeting) {20,44,36} (time when the sun comes out: morning): good morning (おはよう)
{33,35,40}{18,44,36}(time when the sun is down: night): good night (おやすみ)
.. {gc,36}dl {34,61}( you ) gd dl: when you ( do something ) (あなたが〜するとき)
{gc,gd,21}(near future) {16,47} {gc,25} {01,20}( other ) 30: to share ( something ) with others (〜を他とわかちあおうとして)
{09,57}: wonder (不思議) 
01: punctuation between things (単語の区切り)
{39,59,68}(tear heart): sadness gb (conjunction) {44,68}(happy, joy): sadness and joy(悲しみと喜び)
dl 67(life) gb {01,68}( spirit ) dr {37,57}( mystery); the contents of dl..dr brackets modify the end character(命と魂の神秘・・括弧内が後ろの文字を修飾)

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Voice from the readers:

(Jan. 09) I'm not sure, I feel that New-Age-ideas play around too much with these
spiritual connections popping up out of nowhere, contacts to thousands of
angels and what have you. I think it would be better to focus on the Real
connections, namely those those between Living people, and working on those.
Connections are there for a reason, and happen for a reason, and you have to
work to make them better. (K)

(Jan.09) Your poem is a good exercise for me to practice Earth Language.  Yes, i do
believe that now is a new, fresh era for freer spirits. I like your pictures of earth birds, earth
butterflies, but especially Earth People!  There are also many problems now, but Yoshiko, i believe that when the shell cracks, there is effort and a frightening noise and the pain of birth, and the butterfly must likewise break its old cocoon to stretch its new wings in the sunshine.  Here in the rivers, the ice that accumulates over the winter must break loudly.  Also  "The old world order is being rolled up, and a new one rolled out in its stead."  Your poem is a beautiful inspiration. (W)