Monthly Poem in Earth Language (April 1999)

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This is an EL experimental page with  English and Japanese.
The right is the original English translation, and the left is the EL translation.
Japanese(金関寿夫訳) 「一匹、もしかすると2匹の狼の詩」:
ヨオウイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイ ヨオウイイイイイイイイイイイイイ

{20,34}: he (彼)
: d-verb symbol (動詞符)
{21(go),{48,51}(leg)}: running(走る)
{{18,34}(this),21(heading to)}: heading to this direction(こちらに向かう)
{gc (preposition code),14(way, through)}: passing through(通り抜けて)
{{04,31}horizontal,{10,24}(land)}}: plain (geographical sense), field (平らな土地、はらっぱ)
{gc, 10(place)}: where (... するそこの)
{gc,{13,21}(following)}: along (〜に沿って)
{{01,37,51}(mountain), 08(small)-01( because it's invisible by 08 )}: hill ()
The characters between (phonetic brackets) are phonetics . They have no meanings, and just show the sounds.(表音括弧の中は意味はなく、音声のみを示しています。 表音の仕組み参照)

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