EL Pictograph for a poem (April 2000)

. . . .

For this time, I picked the image from the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke's.

- English -
Oh, I who long to grow,
I look out side myself.
and the tree inside me grows.

37: nature (自然)
68: heart (心)
{37,66}: tree (木)
{33,44}: the sun (太陽)
{34,62}: me ( I, my ) (私)
{34,39}: eye(s) (目)
{10,24}: land (大地)

The word 'grow' is expressed visually from small to larger trees.

 I often feel this image. Do you have your special tree in your daily life? Now my one is a large Peppermint Eucalyptus in a mini park in San Francisco; it looks like an old willow from a distance. Because of the gentle climate here throughout the year, always some of its branches are blooming or seeding with faint fragrance.

 Almost every day I do Tai-Chi under this tree. When I'm alone to do this, I feel like I'm the tree and the tree spirit makes my body move, so slowly like flowers look up the sun, the branches slightly sway with a gentle breeze feeling the touch of the air, and the roots feel the warmth and moisture of the earth. Very still, but full of energy to feel more and more throughout the entire cells, and the energy moves me from the bottom. The tree with my spirit watches my movement....

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