EL Translation and Pictograph for Haiku [first heat] by Melissa Allen - U.S.A. (May 2013)

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A global haiku magazine, [A Hundred Gourds} is planning
the Earth Language feature for its September version this year.
Gladly responding to their request, recently hoo made ten series
of Earth Language translations and haiga-pictographs from their haiku for the feature.
We still have months before publishing the series, and for the preview,
she made an extra one from haiku in [September 2013 issue of A Hundred Gourds]
here in the EL site.

first heat
he begins to buzz
in my pocket

Haiku by Melissa Allen,
The EL Translation and the Pictograph by hoo

In the pictograph, my heart is heated and vibrating
with an insect in a pocket on my heart...

The numeral one is shown as one vertical line in EL,
similarly to 1. However it can be overlaid in many ways.
In this haiku translation, the base overlay with
the large circle for creating systematic abstract
term symbols, means number one or the first.

Here is the EL dictionary page related to the base one:

Bases used in this translation and pictograph:

: one, : (for systematic abstract terms), : heat, : (a pause), : (to create a pronoun/ something important)
: outward/(for male), : (verb mark), {time, wave}: sound, : movement, : inward, : preposition mark
: back, {surface, related}: attached, : container