Monthly Poem and Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) (November 2004)
[Pollock's coloring] 「ポロックの絵の具」 by Sadako Okamoto

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

This fall season has been concerned with the presidential election in the U.S.
We've seen that the collection of different ideas, shining in each color, flow into the stream of the era.
This haiku was sent from Sadako Okamoto in Yokohama.
I hope you'll enjoy her haiku with this "colorful" monochromatic pictograph;
also with EL phonetics for name in its EL translation.

アメリカは大統領選挙の秋、 さまざまに違う色がそれぞれに主張し合う集積として

The original Japanese by Sadako Okamoto:

English translation:
drips of
Pollock's coloring on
each fallen leaf

EL translation:

Synbols in the pictograph:
{ , }: leaf (a hieroglyphic fundamental character) 葉
{ , }: light (a hieroglyphic fundamental character) 光
Variations of color ({ circle/for abstract elements, change}; a fundamental character) いろんな色:
: yellow ( , out) 黄,  : green ( , plant) 緑,
: red ( , life) 赤, : orenge (, heat) 橙,
: brown ( , piled) 茶,   : black ( , back) 黒,
: white ( , forward) 白
Some of the colors in the pictograph are combined colors of two of them.

Explanation of the EL translation:
Symbolizing many leaves and colors, I used plural characters, because of visual rhythms:
the shapes of on the upper line and on the lower line repeat;
also appears at the beginning and the end.
{ water, }: (a) drip (a fundamental character)  滴
: the grammatical symbol for preposition (to show that the right word modifies the left word of this)
: the bracket mark to show the following symbol(s) is a name of person つづく文字が人の名前と示す標識
  : the brackets to show the contents are phonetics 中身が表意ではなく表音記号だと示す括弧
: [polok] 
{ color 色, thing/goods}: coloring 絵の具
{ one, }: each (a fundamental  character) それぞれ
{ vertical, down}: fallen (a hieroglyphic fundamental character) 落下
: leaf (a hieroglyphic fundamental character) 葉

Translations by Yoshiko

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