Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL, [I'll walk] 「走るなら歩く」
by Suzuki Shin'ichi - October 2008 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

Recently I often walk there and back if the place is less than 4km away.
I can see much more sky and corners of the town, which we can't see when running.
This haiku, "I'll walk" is by Suzuki Shin'ichi: the father of Suzuki Hidaka,
who wrote "Scarecrow" haiku, which I introduced last fall.
This haiku has been for years in the collection of a father's and his son's haiku
of [Karakkaze Haiku Land of Suzuki Shin'ichi]
Now the world is speeding up more, and by contraries some people started appreciating walking.
I'm a sort of person who walks even if all others run,
so I wonder how the senior Suzuki does, if all others start walking.
* Through this translation, you'll see an example to use EL definition brackets for a sentence included (if..,). The EL expression way for this purpose has been more rationally changed recently.

* 今回は表意カッコを使う「もし〜なら」の地球語表現にご注目ください。

The original Japanese haiku 「走るなら歩く」by 鈴木伸一

The English translation by hoo
the vast fall sky_
if all others run,
I'll walk!

The EL translation

The symbols in the pictograph:
: car (車), : I/my/me (私), : shoulder (肩), : hand (手), : legs (脚), : foot (足)

The symbols in the EL translation:
{ {nature, time} season (季節), down}: fall (as a season) (秋)
{nature, space}: the sky (as the fundamental character) (空)
{condition, verb-mark}: (状態表現の動詞符)
{much, space}: vast (広大)
(plural dots): to show a pause (感嘆などの休止)
{(tentative),  preposition-mark) + definition bracket} (a sentence) :
if ...(the sentence in the brackets), modifying the predicate of the main sentence) (仮に〜(文)なら)
In case of saying "even if..," add to enhance "if.." as .
{outward, point} (as a fundamental character): other (他)
{all, human/people}: all people (みんな)
: verb-mark (動詞符)
{ legs (as a picture-like character), go}: running, : run (走る)
: the subject indicator (It is only used when the subject of a sentence is not at the beginning of a sentence) (文頭にない主語の標識)
{pronoun, back} (pointing at the chest in this hand-sign}: I (/my/me) (私) 
{verb-mark with will}: will do...(意思で〜する)
{foot/feet (as a picture-like character, go}: walk (n.) : walk (vi.) (歩く)

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