Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL (October 2003)
[fall, walking alone] by Ray Rasmussen

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image/meaning of a short poem originally in English or Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

For this month, I found a cool photographs and haiku page in " Ray Rasmussen’s Web Site." Ray Rasmussen is a photographer in Canada and web site designer. Getting his permission, I use one of his haiku from his fall-haiku page.
This scene calls my own unstable little heart in this turbulent era with a sharpened feeling of fall.

今月は、素敵な写真がいっぱいの " Ray Rasmussen’s Web  Site" 秋の俳句と写真のページ から、 カナダの写真家、Ray Rasmussenさんの俳句を採用させてもらいます。激動する時代の中で翻弄される不安定な心が、秋と重なってさし迫ってくるようです。

Original Haiku by Ray Rasmussen
fall, walking alone-
a single leaf floating
on turbulent waters

Japanese translation:

EL translation:

{ (down ), { nature, time} (the season of falling leaves and nuts): fall/autumn (秋)
{ one,situation}: single, alone (modifying the following word) (単、独り)
{ foot,(go)}: walk( n. ), walk (vi. with gd) (歩行)
: (pause)
(picture-like character): leaf (葉)
: a single leaf (1枚の葉)
{ preposition, verb symbol( ) for being/doing the condition of the following character(s)}: This  verb modifies the front words. (後続の状態が前の語を修飾することを表す)
{ up,air/space}: to float(in the air/to the air on water; vi. with gd) (浮遊、D動詞:浮く)
{ preposition, place}: at/on (since is in , I did not use it in the preposition) 〜で、に(場所)
{ wave, violent}: turbulent (乱れた、乱流)
: water (水)

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