Monthly Special [ From Mother Earth] (Oct. 2001)

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This is usually an EL( Earth Language  ) experimental  page borrowing poems from various sources. But this time I introduce to you an irregular one: After the shock of the terrorism on Sep. 11, I couldn't stand without writing this to appeal for preserving world peace, using the Earth Language way of thought. I'm sorry this time only in English and Japanese, it's too long to translate into EL as each image files. Please share your poem/message about this theme with us too.

The left symbol was made for greeting  among earth people, 
since before originated this site. It means  the combination of the following elements:
(33): 'globe' in this case
(40): balance (through the shape of spinning top: 
all are moving and have a good balance )
(35): infinite ( to keep long )
{40,35}: peace, and the direct meaning of all three combination is 'global peace among all movements'.
  In current affairs, please feel free to use this symbol on your flags or  wherever  you think useful, with colors you like.

  [ From Mother Earth ]

My little children, who have been raised by the moon
with the sound of sharpening crescent swords as their lullaby
The children, who have grown looking up the frozen moon in deep dark shades
My poor children, who have no memories of warmness of your mothers,
instead of having loyalties to the existence called ‘Allah’
while sharpening your own lives until becoming transparent

Once the moon and stars were the great guide in the desert
They’ve been gentler than the burning sun to your ancestors
But now the moon above your rocky roofs is freezing hard
Aren’t they your children who now need warmness the most?

Wish you could imagine it even you have no memories about it
You also are my sons born by me ‘The EARTH’
You might not notice it, because you’ve only looked at the moon,
but I’ve always loved you too, my sons
I wish to warm up your little children in my two hands now

Sudden assaults to your innocent siblings, and wounding your own mother,
do you think all that was your Allah’s will?
If  so, and if your ‘Allah’ would be the only absolute God as you say,
your siblings also have to curse you because of the same Principle,
and your children and their children have to hate each other as well
Do you truly think that was Allah’s will to bring the End?

My big children, who have grown in warm light without knowing the lives in shade,
You are about to hit them with all your anger without listening to their defense
Is revenge the right thing to do?
You know that your little brothers never flinch by ‘force’
If you want to remonstrate them for never repeating this mad violence
You have to try to understand them, don’t you?
Who pushed them in the dark shade?
Who gave them the reason to grow in that way?
Won’t you reflect about those?

The boys who had grown shaking their bodies together in the Qura’n cradle,
they pray to Mecca five times a day as well as other gentle Muslims
Having their fast from sunrise to sunset in the month of Ramadan
they have felt hunger to try to overcome their self

Big sons, Mecca and Medinah are the origin of their heart
Haven’t you violated them with your boots for your self?
Haven’t you thought it’s reasonable demands to live rich getting the sunshine,
and forgotten joys to share a blessing with the people on the other side?

My children, all precious children to this Mom,
If each of your ‘God’is the truly absolute only God,
both must actually be the same, isn’t it?
Why do you stand back to back with each other?
Can’t you look at the same original direction?

I have raised living creatures since 3,400 million years ago
From microbes to birds, whales and you, humans
unlimited kinds of abilities and beauty were made;
shapes, songs and thoughts among peoples have been diversified
I was looking for to seeing and enjoying that harmony from now on…

I heard that both of your ‘Gods’ are merciful, tolerant
for giving absolution to truly penitent criminals, is that right?
Your mother: myself is imperfect,
and lived for 4,600 million years repeating trial and error
Each time to create error and forgiveness, I found a new balance
As the result, diverse creatures were evolved

My children, none of you are perfect which means the end
I’m still not sure about God after my 4,600 million years life,
but I guess you also feel God only about His part which you sense
It means your ‘God’ grows as to your growth
If frozen, ‘God’ can’t work, can He?

Poor little sons, you need not keep stirring up anger to bear your crying
Aren’t you the ones who know the most about that
Allah actually never commanded terrorism?
Cry loudly with a fall of tears staring at your sin
It must need much more bravery for you now to cry than to kill or die
But the tears of supple penitence can melt the ice covering your ‘Allah’,
and  you can get back His lively light

Big children, when your brothers cry for their confession,
are you ready for hug them in your arms with love?
Are you sure that your ‘Justice’ is not also frozen wrapping your selfishness?
Why don’t you melt all those icy stuffs?
Why don’t you clean up weapons, remove your jackets, and grapple with each other?
Feeling each other’s heat and heartbeat,
why don’t you shout out at each will?
I bet you will find that you are all brothers and sisters in my arms

If there is a will of God,
it must always seek ‘a new harmony’
That I realize all through 4.600 million years of my life
Nowadays you who were raised in different ways have met each other too quickly
creaking among all kinds of justice and measurement
The conflicts are the process to go on to the future
Communication of all my children is a new history in my life
The huge blood of sacrifice brought the test for all of you
to find out if you can bring a new harmony in the new world or not,

The original meaning of ‘Jihad’ wasn’t doing battle for Allah’;
it meant ‘much effort to God’s will’, didn’t it?
Then Jihad really means ‘much effort to bring a new harmony
conquering ones own difficulty’, I believe
How wonderful it is, if all my children take that Jihad for a new harmonious world!
Listen, ‘Will’ is a very precious thing for each one relating to each one’s experiences
’God’ who forces your ‘Will’ is not true God
When various wills from each heart gather and harmonizes,
God might smile for you
How beautifully the communication flowers will bloom at the time!
Before seeing it, don’t bring the end of the world, please
Your new world will start finally from now on
All my all children!

by Yoshiko McFarland

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