Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL (October 2000)

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This experimental page has English, Japanese and EL.
The night time is becoming longer and longer now in the northern hemisphere. Do you have good dreams at nights? This time, I picked a song given by wolves to a Teton Sioux, Brave Buffalo, in a dream, from "Dream" -vision of the night- by David Coxhead and Susan Hiller,  1976 Crossroad N. Y.

Where the wind  is blowing the wind  is roaring
I stand westward  the wind is blowing  the wind is roaring I stand

かぜがふくところ かぜはうなる
おれは 西向いて立つ
かぜはふき かぜはうなっている

{dl,gc,10}... dr: where ..., in/at which ... ( the sentence between definition brackets modifies the main predicate )(表意括弧の間の文がgc10によって次行の述語の場所を説明している)
{42(wave),70(space)}: wind (風)
{gd,53( situation )}{21(heading),41(move)} : is going,  is blowing (in here, by 'wind')
{{36(time),42(wave)}(sound),44(emission)}: to roar, to emit sounds (うなる、うなり)
{34,62}: I, (/my, me) (an fundamental character) (私)
gd {48,51}(legs) (an fundamental character): stand ( vi. ) (立つ)
{21(facing to),{19,33}(the west)}: westward(西向き)
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