Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL,[A cat on the roof] by Sayumi Kamakura - September 2007 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts , or see here to view Japanese

For this month, I translate one of Sayumi Kamakura's haiku in the haiku magazine,
"World Haiku 2007-No.3" (Edited by Ban'ya Natsuishi; World Haiku Association,
Publisher: Shichigatsudo).
This haiku doesn't have any verbs; and it's not a sentence in English.
But you can imagine the scene enough.  Sometimes an incomplete phrases has
more power than a complete explanation. In EL, even a word can be a sentence,
making hand-signing simpler also.
Reading this haiku, you might involuntarily smile at the author's charming personality.
In this comical expression, you can get a glimpse of her love and sight to touch to the universe.
Incidentally, her husband is Mr. Ban'ya Natsuishi.

今回は俳句誌『世界俳句』   2007第3号(夏石番矢・世界俳句協会編、七月堂)から、

The Original haiku by Sayumi Kamakura:


The English translation by WHA Staff:

A cat on the roof,
the moon in the east,
my husband

The EL translation:

The symbols in the pictograph:

: cat (猫), ; the moon (月),
{ building,life/living}: dwelling house (住宅)
{ room(部屋),eye}: window (窓)
{ front,pronoun}: you (あなた)

The symbols in the EL translation:

{ mammal,nail/claw}: Genus Felis, cat (ネコ科/猫)
{ preposition-mark, }the upper surface}: on (the upper surface of ...) (〜の上面の(に)
{ { , cover} building, upper/top}: roof (屋根)
: conjunction-mark;  to work as a comma or and (接続符)
{ globe, half moon shape} (sometimes circle/a half circle): the moon (as a fundamental symbol)(月)
: preposition-mark to indicate modifying from the back to the front (後ろから前を修飾することを示す前置符)
{ ,}(as a fundamental symbol): east (東)    (* : north (北)
{ back, pronoun} : I, my, me; here it means "my" modifying the next word (私)
{ {place, life/living}: home/nest, male}: husband (夫)

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