Monthly Poem and Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) - September '04 -

"On the shore" 「岸の辺に」 by Nancy Hatch Wiley

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

Summer's gone and the daytime is getting shorter. I also saw lining up seagulls sunbathing in the precious setting sun light. Gulls stand facing the same direction; actually against the wind protecting  from messing their feathers.
The author of this haiku, Ms. Nancy Hatch Wiley (Illinois) makes those seagulls  into sailors with the last word.
The haiku for this month is from one of "Seasons Of Water” in Brooks Books’ “Online Haiku Collections.”
This original page has a beautiful photo by Gretchen Graft Batz. (* The Brooks Books web site has been moved.)

カモメは羽が乱れないようにみな風に向かって立っているのですが、この俳句の作者のNancy Hatch Wileyさん(イリノイ)は、
最後の一語で カモメを水兵に見立てました。
今月は、 Brooks Books’ “Online Haiku Collections” のなかの、 ”Seasons Of Water”のこのページからです。
元のページでは、Gretchen Graft Batzさんの美しい写真とセットになっています。

Original Haiku by Nancy Hatch Wiley:
On the shore
seagulls line up

The Japanese translation:

The EL translation:

Symbols in the pictograph:
{ move, space} (picture-like-fundamental symbol): bird
: wave (波) . {,}: wind (風)

Symbols in the haiku:
: preposition + {{ stable,place} land, edge}: on the shore ((前置符が前について)岸辺で)
{ bird,wave (on the water)} : water-bird (Since the particular character for Seagull is not ready yet in EL, I used this here.)
Instead of showing the plural form for the gulls, I tried to line up these symbols as a visual expression.
: d-verb symbol to form a verb; become ... ((動詞符)〜になる)
: line (線)  : line up (線状に並ぶ)
... : a set of definition bracket to show that the content is a speech (中身が会話体であると示す括弧)
: the hail to get an attention gathering all kinds of sense ( means sense) (注意を集める呼びかけ)

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