Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL, "summer stillness" by Peggy W. Lyles - August 2008 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

I'm staying in a little forest in WA state now.
In the afternoon, people and birds don't come out in the beating sun..
Under the roof, sometimes the wind chimes shine, and their shadows sway on the wall.
The sounds make more stillness.
I found haiku about just like what I see here now,
in "Thirty-Six Tones" (Saki Press, 1999) by Peggy Willis Lyles (Illinois).
This haiku has interesting contrasts between sound and stillness, also light and shadow.
In Earth Language, you can see the contrasts visually in their ideograms.
Also you might see as waves go both sides from light and shadow.

ちょうどこんな状況を詠んだ俳句をPeggy Willis Lyles 著の
"Thirty-Six Tones" (Saki Press, 1999) のなかで見つけました。

The original haiku by Peggy W Lyles:

summer stillness
the play of light and shadow
on the windchimes

The Japanese translation (日本語意訳):
夏の静けさ 光と影の風鈴遊び

The EL translation:

The symbol in the pictograph

{ear shape/time,wave}: sound (a sort of wave recognized by 'ear' and with 'time') (音)

The symbols in the translation
{out,nature,time}: clothes out (because it's warm) season => summer (夏)
{no,wave}: stillness (not only about sound, but also movement) (静)
: Plural dots show a pause.
{ { expanding energy,(sense,heart} (feeling)} pleasant, ,action}: play (遊び)
: preposition mark (前置符〜の)
{,}(by the total character shape): light (noun) (光)
To indicate a conjunction, like a comma or and in English
{light,(opposite)}: shadow (影)
{, (joined)}: with (〜で(の)、〜と(とも)に)
{70(space/air),42}: wind (風)
{sound,50goods/instrument}: sound instruments (楽器)
: wind-chime/wind-chimes (風鈴)

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