Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL, [summer butterfly] - August 2005 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

I've been busy in July because of two exhibitions of "Peace Butterflies";
and had no time to prepare this corner in the usual way. Then I chose my own haiku of a butterfly for this month.

Haven't you had an experience like this on summer hikes?:
a butterfly sticks to a rock looking like it's listening to sounds from far deep under a rock by a stethoscope.
Sometimes it shakes its wings, but soon stops moving.
Being with it for a while, I feel like listening to whispers of wind
where I used to play with butterflies in my childhood.
The butterfly also might be far from its home.

7月は18年ぶりの展覧会(それもいきなり2箇所同時で)、Peace Butterfliesの準備に追われて、


English haiku:
summer butterfly
listens to a rock
__ far from home


EL translation:

Symbols in the pictograph:
: butterfly (蝶), : the earth (地球), : the sun (太陽), : wind(風)
* To haikuists:
A quick sketch with EL ideograms like this pictograph might be useful for making a haiku remembering the scene through it later.

Symbols in the EL translation:
{ season {time, nature,20out}: summer (夏)
{ sheet, :main part of insect}: butterfly (蝶)
(grammatical symbol): to form a d-verb: meaning that the subject becomes in the condition shown by the following character/phrase; or the subject does the following action. (D動詞符)
{ (recognition), ear(s){human ear shape,sense}}: listening to (聞き分け、D動詞符がつくと「聴く})
(grammatical symbol alone): to show that the following character or phrase is an accusative case of a d-verb
and that might be influenced by the action of the subject. (D動詞の目的語の標識)
{ nature, infinite, hard/stable}: rock (岩)
{ the mouth by the shape, wave: a part of sound}: voice (声・鳴)
(multiple dots): to indicate a pause (ま)
{ much, out}: far (遠い)
{ preposition mark, (the returning/original direction)} : from (〜から)
{ life, }: birth (誕生)
{ place,}: land (土地)

The original and translations by Yoshiko

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