Monthly Poem and the Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) - August 2003 -

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This is an EL(Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image/meaning of a short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.
This haiku reminds me of an old memory when I lived near Lake Shinji in northwestern Japan. One full moon night in August, a fisherman took us on his small traditional fishing boat to the center of the large lake. When the engine was stopped, I could almost hear the rising sound of the cold air from the water. In the 360 degree clear sky, the perfect moon shined and the pieces of it shook on the water. While we were drinking together, the pieces of light came closer to the boat and I knew that the moon rose to just above us.

In this haiku, while the author is waiting for a word from the other, the  moon moved from one window to another. The stillness closes-up the moonlight more. He, Robert Scott is in Australia, so I suppose this haiku wasn’t  made in August. Because curtains of windows had to be closed in their August night. I enjoy this in my August culture. Seasonable words are not globally common. Let’s enjoy the differences.
I chose this haiku from the page of [First Australian Haiku Anthology] site.

この俳句では、作者Robert Scottさんが、ある人からあることばを待つ間に、月は窓から窓へと移動しました。静けさが月をクローズアップさせます。彼はオーストラリア在住なので、8月は冬。たぶん窓のカーテンは閉じられ、これは8月の作ではないと想いますが、わたしはこれを8月に楽しみます。グローバル社会では、季語が異なるので、違いもまたたのしみたいですね。
オーストラリアの俳句選集サイトのここ から選びました。

The original haiku by Robert Scott:
still no word
the moon
through another window

Japanese translation:

The EL translation:

: no, denied (なし)
{ (language), 32(unit)}: a word (単語・ことば)
: condition (状態)
( verb symbol, continuous): continue (つづく)
: a pause (沈黙のポーズ)

(sometimes it is a circle/a half circle): the moon (月)
{ (preposition),(way)}: through (〜を通る・通じる)
{ not, same}: different (別の・違う)
{ (eye) of (room)} }: window (窓)

Translations by Yoshiko

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