Monthly Poem and Pictograph in Earth Language - August 2000 -

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This page has English, Japanese and EL.

I picked an English Haiku by William C. Burns, Jr.
from the website 'Original Haiku by the subscribers' in Issue 11 - Summer 1995
of [ Dogwood Blossoms ] ( the chief editor is Gary Warner )

: window / : light ( in the pictograph )

The original haiku:

distant thunder
stroboscopic lightning
shadow at the window

In Japanese: @ȁ@eɏĂ

In EL:

{ (much),  (out)}: far, distant ()
{ (sky), (electricity), (a part of (sound))}: thunder ()
{ (denied),(time)}: a fleeting moment (u)
{ ,, (light)}: lightning ()
{ (opposite), }: shadow (e)
: preposition (Ou)
{ (chamber {container, place}), (eye)}: window (̊̑gݍ킹Łuv)
By the lightning, the colors of the frame and the curtain of the window turn into dark shadow, and the afterimage remains strongly. Feeling something is coming, and it's still far away, you think. But it instantly turns your view, showing the power beyond your thoughts...

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