Experiment for this month: Picto-jokes in Earth Language (EL) - July  '04 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page, using EL, English and Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

This time, I'll show you something new; may I call them picto-jokes?
In June, I was concentrating on creating an easy EL-English text-dictionary, using the new EL typing tool.
The tool was fun to use, so I also enjoyed playing with it without making sentences.
Then these picto-jokes appeared.
This is particularly in the EL way; English and other languages/letters don't work like this.
These pictographs were typed with the tool, except a few deformations later.
I hope you'll enjoy the way.

先月は、 新しい地球語の入力ツールを使って簡易字典作成に集中しました。

{ opened,heart << laugh}: smile (微笑み)
: person 人
{ behind,(just for the shape)}: tail (尾)
{ face,existence}: representative (代表者)
While tails don't see their representative's face well, the outers recognize what they are like.

{ ,}: eye 目. water 水
{ ,}: tear (涙).
: wave 波. {always waving, place}: ocean (海)
The ocean has never dried/filled up like this.

face 顔.   laugh 笑.  { ,person}: comedian (コメディアン)
{ {,}head,cover}: a hat (帽子)
{ ,}(fundamental symbol by the shape): hand(s) (手)
{ life,}: torso (胴体)
{ ,power}: leg(s) (脚) ... (fundamental symbols by the shape)
{wave ,move}: shake (ふるえ)
Somebody doesn't know why funny, because her language is different from others.

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