Monthly Poem and Pictograph in EL June 2001

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page in English and Japanese.

June is the beautiful season with wild flowers in Europe, they say.  Although it's wet with fireflies in most of Japan. I recalled a colorful scene in the Oregon wilderness, when I saw this poem in Paper Lanterns  by Debi Bender. Please imagine it.
 6月は、日本では梅雨ですが、欧米ではさわやかな野花の季節の場合が多いようです。今月はデビ・ベンダーさんの俳句を取り上げました。 Paper Lanterns の中から選びました。
path begins at heaven
along the way

in Japanese:

in EL:

Characters in the pictograph and the EL translation:
{66(plant),68}: flower (as a picture-like fundamental character; plural flower characters express those large amount)(象形で「花」;複数並べて数多く並ぶのを表現)
{23,66}: grass(es) (as a picture-like fundamental character)(象形で「草」)
{37(nature),17(above)}: heaven(天)
{10 (place),14 (to go through, way)}: path, way, road(道)
{gc (preposition),22(original direction)}: from, beginning at(〜からの)
37: nature, natural (自然の)
{gc (preposition),13(same),21(heading)}: along(〜に沿って)
{ 01(point), 34(for a pronoun): the( pointing a thing in the topic )(その)
From the author, Debi Bender (May 20, '01):
Your letter has amazed me, honored me and thrilled
me today. What an incredible, impressive and wonderful thing you are
doing.  I have not had opportunity to read all the pages yet, but have
just begun to browse your EL site. Thank you for including one of my
haiku!! It is a fine surprise to see it in English, Japanese and EL

Debi is hosting this EL page at her site, and it's neater than this with another color!!:
Wouldn't you like to  learn and enjoy Haiku through her sites?
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