Haiku and the Pictograph in EL, "Two wrinkled hands " by Gilles Fabre - May 2007 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts , or see here to view Japanese.

Warm and cozy weather brings elderly people out to share memories with their old friends.
Under fresh green leaves, the scene like this haiku can be seen in my neighborhood, Golden Gate Park, too.
After an inexhaustible chat, finally they stand. In spite of the big smiles on their faces while shaking hands,
their hands in their wrinkles seem to be wondering how many more times they could join together.
So their time shines more preciously.

This haiku was from a page in World Haiku Association site;
originally published in "Haiku Spirit" (Irish Journal of Haiku), the editor of which is this author, Gilles Fabre.
He was born in France and has been based in Dublin, Ireland;


この俳句は、 「世界俳句」のGilles Fabreさんのページで見つけましたが、
初出は彼が編集するアイリッシュ俳句ジャーナルの "Haiku Spirit" からです。
作者Gilles Fabreさんは、フランス生まれ、アイルランド・ダブリン在住、

The original haiku by Gilles Fabre:

Two wrinkled hands
to say goodbye

The Japanese translation by Ban'ya Natsuishi:


The EL translation:


The symbols in the pictograph:
: hand (手),  : the sun (太陽),  : wrinkle (皺)

The symbols in the EL translation:
: much/many (多)
{ waved, surface}: wrinkle, wrinkled (しわ、皺よった)
: two
{ function ,controlled} (as a hieroglyphic fundamental character): hand(s) (手)
: vi. be tied (結ばれる)
    : verb mark (動詞符)
    {24( steadily,43twining}:  tied (adj.), knot (結び、結んだ)
{ preposition-mark, heading direction)}: to, for (〜へ/〜のため)
{ closing, communication}: greetings for a communication closing (別れ際の挨拶)
       { any kinds of language included signs, going through}: communication (交流)

*Publication News:
This haiku translator and the WHAeditor, Ban'ya Natsuishi and the author of the last month haiku
in this section Casimiro De Brito  (Portuguese) made a new Renku Book "Koku wo tsuranuki/
Through the air"
in this May, alternately creating each 50 haiku, with Japanese, Portuguese, English
and French. (published by Shichigatsudo ) You would find how Renku could be interesting beyond nationalities.

カジミーロ・ド・ブリトーさんの4言語連句の本、『連句 虚空を貫き』がこの5月に
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