Haiku and the Pictograph in EL, "unpicked flowers" by an'ya - April 2008 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts, or see here to view Japanese.

This month, I translated one of an'ya's haiku in her haiku page in [haiku harvest (Journal of Haiku in English) online issue] edited by Denis M. Garrison. (originally from [Archived Issues of Haiku Harvest, Volume 6 Number 1 - Spring Summer 2006 -]) The poet an'ya lives in Oregon, USA.
Reading this haiku, I involuntarily smiled, because I also sometimes do the same thing. A few days ago too, I just made a bouquet like this to send it to my mom in heaven, who was born and died in this flower season. April fields in coastal California are filled with many colors of lupines, poppies, paintbrushes and so on. Another time, I might make many bouquets to unknown people under a war or a pitiful condition. In this way, the flower field is unchanged. I guess Oregon spring is not quite ready yet.
an'ya informed me on her "moonset Literary Newspaper"; sounds interesting. 

今月の俳句は、オレゴンのan'yaさんの作で、Denis Garrisonさん編集のHaiku Harvestのなかの2006年春夏号、an'yaさんのページから採用させていただきました。

The original haiku by an'ya:

unpicked flowers
I gather a bouquet
only in my mind

The Japanese translation:


The EL translation:

The symbols in the pictograph:
: flower (花), : a bouquet (花束), : grass(es) (草)

The symbols in the translation:
{preposition, not}: without (〜なしで(の))
{ge (verb-mark), accepted}: to form a passive voice of a verb.
{cutting shape, separated in pieces}: cut down (the situation/vt. with #ge) (切断)
: being cut (切られる、摘まれる)
(grammatical mark for nominative): to show that the following character or phrase is the subject of a sentence, only when the subject is not at the head of the sentence. (主語が文頭でない場合、主語の前に置いて主語を示す)
(a fundamental character by the total shape) {plant, heart}: flower (花)
(d-verb mark): to form a verb (See here about verb marks) (動詞を構成する動詞符)
{join, piled}: gathering, gather (vi. with #gd), collect (vt. with #ge) (集合)
: gather (vi.) (集まる)
(conjunction-mark): To indicate a conjunction, like a comma or and in English as its single form.

{preposition-mark,inner direction}: in, inside of (〜の中の/に/で)
{one, limited)}: only (のみ、だけ)
{back, to form a pronoun}: I, my, me (by its position);
(this sign points the center of the chest by the thumb) (私(親指で胸を指す手話の象形))
: heart/mind (心)

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