Tanka and the Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) - April 2005 -
"a child's heart" 「子供の心」 by Kevin

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

For this month, I'm picking a tanka from Feb. 27th verse in Today's Tanka in Kevin's Home,
introduced by Mamico (English haiku author last fall).
The author, American Kevin is teaching English in Japan, creating his web site in Japanes.
I smiled with sympathy at his small mistakes of Japanese, 
imagining my own similar misses in my English pages.

The original verse was in February, but this tanka made me recall the hazy sky
in blossomy season of my childhood after WW2.
When coming back from a fresh school day, 
an empty home was there with no family members, books and toys;
so the only thing I could do was to go out again.
I was hungry in the vast sky and felt the time extending infinitely.
I flew in the sky with my imaginary wings...

Contrary to my image, the boy in the tanka might get the Cupid's archery from the sky.
The author Kevin and Mamico have started their new lives in Osaka since
the end of March, they say. Congratulations!

Today's Tanka in Kevin's Home 2月27日の短歌からです。
Kevinさんは、 昨年秋に掲載のMamicoさん からご紹介いただいたのですが、
Kevin's Home は、ところどころ文法や表現がおかしかったりしながらも、


[a child's heart] 「子供の心」

English verse by Kevin:
having knocked
an angel from the air
with a slingshot
the boy shivers and
laughs softly to himself

Japanese verse by Kevin:
パチンコで空から天使を打ち落とし 子どもは静かににっこり笑う

EL translation:

The angel in the pictograph is added a small face (文字絵の中の天使には、小さな顔が添えられています)
: flower (花) : grass (草)
{ preposition,   verb symbol}: to show the following phrase works as a verb, modifying the  front word or predicate of the sentence
{ {41( move),{24,31}}: flexible like a rubber (柔軟/弾力のある), line }: elastic/rubber band (ゴムひも)
{ (hieroglyph type) shot/shooting (射), tool (道具)}: gun/shooting tool (射る道具)
: (elastic) slingshot (パチンコ)
{ touch (surface-related), violent)}: beat (打)
: knock/beat with the slingshot (used by the subject of the sentence) (パチンコで撃つ)
: to indicate an accusative case of a verb, and that is influenced by the action of the subject.
{{ wings (by the total shape), relation, existence}: angel (天使)
: preposition  (前置符)
{ nature, space}: sky (空)
: the indicator of the subject of the sentence (続く語が主語だと示す)
{ child {wonder, life}, 'male' in this case}: boy (少年)
gd (grammatical  notation): To form a verb, meaning that (the subject) become(s) in  the situation
shown by the following character/phrase; or (the subject) do/does the following action. Here this works for both and .
{ move,wave}: shaking (ゆれ、震え), : shake (vi) (震える)
: (conjunction) and (接続符、そして)
{ deny,sound}: silent (無音)
{ face,open}: laughing, : laugh (vi.) (笑う)
{ heading direction, } : to, for〜へ(の)
{ the status position, in}: (one)self, my (our) own (自身)

EL translation by Yoshiko

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