A Poem and Pictograph in Earth Language( EL ) - March  2002 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

For this month, I found this Pakistani, *Sohail Ahmed Siddiqu i's haiku in Asahi Haikuist Network in IHT/Asahi Shinbun( Asahi News Paper - English - ). It was in the issue of Feb. 1 , but I'd like to introduce it in EL for March when many people in the Northern hemisphere hear footsteps of the spring. Especially in Afganistan and Pakistan after the long harsh winter, they must hardly be able to have waited for this spring and the sprouting of peace.

パキスタン人の Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui さんのこの俳句を、朝日新聞英語版で見つけました。 2月1日号に出ていたのですが、北半球の多くの地で春の足音が聞こえる3月に取り上げたいとおもいます。とりわけ、アフガニスタン・パキスタンでは、深く凍てついていた山の雪解けがあふれる涙のように感じられることでしょう。つらかった体も心も洗い流しながら、どんなにか平和の芽ぶきが待たれたことでしょう。 世界中に緑がはやく帰ってくることを祈ってやみません。

Original Haiku
by Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui:
high tide in river
the ice of my heart melts down
the mountain starts weeping

Japanese translation:
川満ち 心氷解 山が泣く

直訳: 川面が盛り上がり、私の心を閉ざした氷は溶けてゆく。山が泣き声をあげ始めた。

in EL

{07( much ),17( up )} : tall/high, become high ( vi. with #gd)(高い)
42: wave ( visually showing the flowing by plural #42 )(波;複数で波の流れ続く様子を視覚的に表現)
#gc( preposition ) {10( place ),{42,59( water )}( flowing, stream )}( river ): in river (川の)
{24( solid/ hard ),59( water )}: ice(氷)
{62( back ),34( pronoun )} : I, my, me ( by its position ) ; in this case, means 'my' modifying (私の)
68: heart (心)
{06( opposite ),{24,59}( ice )}: thawed, thaw( vi. with #gd /vt. with #ge )(解凍)
: thawed/ melt (解ける)
{{01,51}( swelled ), 37( nature )}: mountain (山)
{{34,39}( eye ),59( water )}: tear; weep ( vi. with #gd ) (涙; D動詞:泣く )
{09( happening ),44( opened ): beginning (開始)
: start to weep (泣き出す)
 * The editor of Asahi Haikuist Network, Mr david McMurray informed me 
that the author Mr. Soheil also an editor of a haiku club in Pakistan. 
May this spring bring their haiku society happiness!

 ** 鹿児島県内のNHK総合TVで2月20日17時05分〜18時に放送された番組
なお、この番組では、熊本のTodaさんが、「氷解に 動く山川 我が心」と訳していらっしゃるそうで、
Written by Yoshiko
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