Haiku and the Pictograph in EL, "cityscape--"
by Shimizu Kuniharu - January 2007 -

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts , or see here to view Japanese.

A Happy New Year To You!
Thanks for visiting this corner that will be eight years old next month.
I started it with almost no experience of haiku. So some of old versions are
shy for myself to see; also some symbols have been changed for the bases-combinations.
But these pages are still kept in the original form, recording the processes of EL
and my own development. When you find discord between symbols in the EL dictionary
and this poem site, the dictionary is the newest.
(Examples of the big change: the symbols related to earlier/later
and relatives such as parents, mother, father, child)

The author of last month's haiku, Mr. Natsuishi introduced me a wonderful haiga painter
and photographer, Mr. Shimizu Kuniharu, who is the judge of "World Haiku Association."
The corrections of Haiga in his gallery site have reached 1000 last month, taking six years.
Also what a surprise, he and I are an alumnus/alumna of the same high school in Japan.
This haiku by him was in haibun, "The Egg-Shaped Stone" in his site with his sharp photos
in NY city; also published on "Ginyu", an international haiku magazine (No. 22, April 2004).
I also like finding some pristine and primitive things in a corner of a big city.

BTW, Mr. Natsuishi kindly introduced EL in his blog, also linked the EL web site
to "World Haiku Association" and "Ginyu" last month. I'll continue to do my best.


清水国治さんは、世界俳句協会 の俳画の審査員もなさっていて、
彼の俳画サイト のすてきな俳画コレクションが6年がかりで先月1000点に達したそうです。
この俳句は、国際俳句雑誌「吟遊」 No.22 (April 2004)にも掲載された俳文

The original English haiku by Kuniharu Shimizu:

almost unnoticed reflection
of a pristine sky

The Japanese version by Kuniharu Shimizu:


The EL translation:

The symbols in the pictograph:
{{07,17}high,10,48}: tall building/skyscraper (高層ビル)
{ room, eye}: window (窓)
{ nature,space}: sky (空)

Here the author Shimizu also made a beautiful haiga (a picture for haiku) using EL symbols,
saying that EL is another good method of haiga!
俳句の作者、清水国治さんが、地球語は俳画の1手法として面白いと、こんな すてきな地球語俳画をおつくりくださいました!

The symbols in the EL translation:
{07large,38artificial, {society,47container}: town}: megalopolis(大都市 )
{ place,{31,53}sight}: landscape (景色)
(multiple instances of dots): to work for a pause (複数の点で、ポーズ)
{ original, nature}: primitive, pristine (原始)
{ nature,space}: sky (as the fundamental character) (空)
{ opposite,heading}: reflection (反射)
{ (preposition mark), (verb mark to let others be in the following situation), denied}:
without letting (others something) (〜させずに)
{64very, large rate}: most, almost (in a negative phrase) (ほとんど)
{15recognition,39sense}: notice (気づく)

* 前回の夏石番矢さんが彼の ブログ・サイトで地球語をご紹介くださり、
また世界俳句協会 「吟遊」にも当サイトのリンクを貼ってお励ましくださいました。

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