A Poem and the Pictograph in Earth Language( EL ) - January 2002 -

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This is an EL experimental page with English and Japanese.

A happy new year to you!
For the beginning of 2002, I picked a verse from Janice M. Bstok's haiku which is on top of the 1999 issues in Paper wasp Haiku Web Site in Australia. Because it sounded like a hint to open a new area to me. A room must have the different thoughts and feelings of its dwellers. But when people in different houses open their doors for some reason, they might find the same moon light there. Now countries have different aspects by each own history and culture and are hard to understand each other. But when they each open the door of mind, all might find the same light of nature. If the light is with coldness, they might want to share warmness with each other.

 あけましておめでとうございます。2002年の最初には、オーストラリアの Paper wasp Haiku Web Siteの中の1999年版ページ最初にあるJanice M. Bstokさんの俳句を使わせていただきました。新しい年の開き方のヒントのように私の耳にひびいたからです。たまたま部屋から外に出ると、寒さの中に明るい月光が満ちていて、大きな自然にうたれます。それぞれの国内の空気と考えのなかからふと抜け出して心の扉を開くと、誰にも同じ月があかあかと照らしているのかもしれませんね。

The original verse:

fetching firewood
I open the door
to moonlight

Japanese translation:

EL translation:

{(preposition mark: to show that the verb with it modifies the predicate of the sentence), (d-verb symbol)} ( accepted/gotten): getting/to get (得ようと)
30: preposition to show the object of a d-transitive verb (〜を)
{{37,66}( tree ),50( thing/ goods )}( 'wood' as material ) {gc,21}( preposition to show a heading direction/ purpose: 'for' in this case ) {44( opened ),52( heat )}( fire ): wood thing for fire: firewood (焚くための木/薪)
34( to show that next is the subject of a sentence ) {34,62( back )}( the first person ) : I (私は)
ge( e-transitive verb cord to make the word which follows into the following situation ) 44( opened situation ): open( vt. ) (開く)
31( preposition to show that the following character/phrase is the one who actually becomes the situation of the e-verb by the subject of the sentence ) {{47( container ) of 10( place )}( room), 11( 'division' in this case )}( door ): 'door' which is opened by me (ドアを)
{gc,21}: preposition to show a heading direction/ purpose: 'to' in this case (〜のために)
{33,49}( sometimes full circle/ the half : 'moon' as a fundamental character ) {02,23}( 'light' as a fundamental character ): moonlight (月光)

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