Report Earth Language in 2013

Season's Greetings
Putting our self-centered routines aside, for a while we connect with each land and season....
We feel new reviving energy through day time starting increasing,
and are involved into the energy...The season has come again.
Southern hemisphere people must harvest soon though.

haiku and haiga by hoo about a moment of  he townr

My year 2013 with Earth Language (EL)

EL basic symbols want to freely link with each other.
So I've been naturally raised to have holistic views by EL
while I've been raising EL. Then for years I've prepared
to make a book that EL symbols show dynamic relations
of the world, and planned to finish the Japanese draft
by the end of 2013. But...

Now I'm still running in place.
Unexpected things sometimes happen in our lives.
2013 turned into the year I got confused with my unusual
body conditions and started restudying the world
with my body's message for the book.

When writing this now, I extend fonts to double besides
using glasses. The sloppy light dust always disturbs my vision
even in darkness or my closed eyes. It glimmered, and
reading and writing with the computer became more difficult
for me than before. Also I almost always hear a motor-like noise
that no others hear, in addition, I feel like urinating frequently.
Also working in our forest, I got stung by ants, wasps and
plant thorns a lot; and the itch stays much longer; bringing
sleeplessness and high blood pressure.

My medical doctor, probably other doctors do as well, treated me with medicine
dealing with each symptom of the organs, or introduced a specialist.
I, who had lived for a quarter of a century with almost no medical cost since I
immigrated to America, newly have experienced such symptoms and side effects
of medicines and was considering cataract surgery.

I was confused with my condition, however I tried calmly to listen to what my body said.
There doesn't seem to be any particular weakness with my eyeball, ear, bladder and skin.
The real trouble maker must be the cerebral nerves, which receive information from
these sensory organs to correspond to it. It seems to just work overtime.

 It looks like a total microcosm of the modern society! Modern technology has widened
human's sensory ability, and accelerates increasing information globally.
So our sensory organs are busy catching up with them. In society, some information is
often enlarged, also sometimes even unreal matters are created to speak loudly,
like my crazy sensory system in my body. Can you see and hear what is truly important
information for your life from around you now?

My body might want to tell me to be conscious about it. I listened to my body, and it said,

Don't merely brag about the EL structure ability of resolving/unifying.
You should really know how much the body looses its function, when its control power
to transmit and unify information is weakened. In the human body, intellectual memories
and transmitting information are held by links of brain nerve cells, and transmitting
signals (information) between nerve cells is taken by various molecules called hormones.
Depending on the kind of hormone and where it works, the body goes for merry and witty
or for depression. In the human society, languages take the duty of the hormone in
the human body. To think about a future language, remember hormones that shake your lives.
A language could shake this blue planet life too. Don't forget that a language works on
vigorous lives and hearts. Touch the profound function of a language.
In the beginning of 2014, I will restart my writing life, practicing Qi-gong to fix
my physical problems, and learning Nature's message through my body.
The massage has to be sent to future generations.

In 2013, I reduced net activity because of my eyesight, and
the largest published work for EL was a special feature of EL in the global haiku magazine,
"A Hundred Gourds," with EL translations of haiku and each EL pictographic haiga.
I hope you enjoy the work:
Haiku in Earth Language Feature in A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
(Pages, 3-12 are the new works for this magazine, and the haiga on page 1 and 2 were chosen
by the editor from the archive of poem section in the Earth Language website)

Happy new year! Have a creative 2014.

Best wishes,
Yoshiko McFarland