Let's bring up the Global World with Earth Language (EL)!

Originally written on Feb. 1997, and revised on April 2001

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The common background of the world now
The globular structure in the future world
The tool to form the globular structure
The aims of the Earth Language
What and how EL works
Considerable problems of the EL world
Footnote: Various methods and ideas for thinking and communication in human history

The common background of the world now

  It took 4,500,000,000 years to build the environment of human lives, they say. But recent  civilization has stirred up this planet with pollution, ozone hole, earth temperature up phenomenon, controlling genes, also nuclear power armaments existence has always threatened for lives on this planet. Also friction between cultures/languages is continually going on.

  The IT revolution started to help communications, but seems to have more problems by its ability: flood of information and hard to capture the whole world view, more competitive and rapidly changeable, increasing stress in people's daily lives; the world became technically and economically more uneven, and fear of food crisis is rising next to a luxurious life.

  Why these unbalanced situations happened, and what structure can hold the world in dynamic stability tomorrow, now it's time to be conscious about them.

The globular structure in the future world

  A pyramid is stable on a land with gravity, but a globular form is more stable in outer space. Nature has hierarchic classes like { atoms < molecules < materials < organs < individual lives }. But varying lives and things 'coexist' supporting each other circulating their energy and materials on this planet; the structure of the system shapes a globe with dynamic movement.

  Human societies also have formed a family < a small community < a large community, with various hierarchic social statuses traditionally. While their foods and lifestyles were based on the land where they lived, and people respected each other's position/work for the society, the hierarchy was stable, and brought up their cultures and languages taking tens of thousands of years.

  But when the monetary free competitive system is globalized, the entire society must form 'a new dynamic globular structure' for coexistence of varying cultures, races and thoughts as the nature system does. Each tradition knows the depth of its area. Instead of fighting each other, coexisting all together would make lives longer with the dynamic movement supported by each other.

  But in the actual world now pulls hierarchic ideas not only for local societies but also for a global communication/business, competing to be higher on a pyramid using traditional languages/thoughts, having priority over convenience and profit than thoughts of lives and harmony . That's why the human world and the environment are warped.

  In the past, enemies were others or wildness, and people had simply fought against them. But now we know that we live in the limited world; the enemies are also in each of us, ruining the environment and making friction with each other. But as long as persisting in each traditional measurement/thoughts only, it's hard to look back one's own lifestyle objectively.

  Everybody lives on a globe, feeling like being in the center of the world, but anywhere has the other side. When being conscious of the system, and each one networks with others 'directly', the globular structure becomes stronger. This would be the shape of the world of real democracy which humans have never experienced in history. There people admit and respect each other's background, having responsibility for each free opinion and activity, and listening to each other. In this way the environment can be watched and the world turns around with less inclination.

The tool to form the globular structure

The above theory might be naturally imagined by anybody. However the globular structure hasn't come yet. By IT, information can be shared among the same culture/language/field, but not with the other side directly because of the wall of a language. No traditional language can be used universally without warping other cultures which supports the world in the globular way. When the structure renews, the old joint tools don't work with very well; a new system for the joints is needed.

For the system to support the real democracy, I named 'The Earth Language'( EL ). It locates in the middle of the globular structure, and mediates equally between cultures/languages/fields/different conditions, preserving records to far future by needs. As the name, the tool is a kind of language, but different from traditional languages: completely new but it's much natural than foreign languages for anyone. A language is needed for human relation anyway, but the common language shouldn't take over others. It should help thinking/recording/communications which a traditional language can't work well for. Any mother language is precious for each user. People continue to use and to raise each mother language while equally sharing the EL for global/new usage.

Traditional languages have been raised by each culture in their history, so usually for understanding a language, you need to learn its culture too. Using English for the common language worldwide means repainting the world with English culture. EL shouldn't be based on a local culture but on the basic elements of human recognition and the common environment Earth.

The aims of The Earth language( EL ):

1 To support true democracy on Earth, reducing minority problems, protecting all native traditions.
2 To support  continuous coexistence of lives on Earth, sharing information, comparing a new idea with various traditional senses of value.
3 To protect from war by direct discussions for mutual understanding instead of threatening with weapons.
4 To support education, creation, cooperation and activate circulation of economy without depending on much natural resources but with wisdom worldwide

How and for what EL works

Similarly to the metric system for measurement, EL offers common visual symbols for meanings based on nature and basic elements of human recognition. People equally have another method to think objectively in their daily lives.
The system helps anyone to study/compare languages /cultures, bringing to a mutual understanding worldwide, and supports the dynamic globular human society, sharing information beyond cultures and time in the future.
EL basic symbols show each visually understandable shape for a meaning like its icon.

The amount of all basic shapes is not many, but the applications are widely opened.

Easy to memorize and  the symbols  help children to lean each native language. Because of this ability, EL can be spread quickly, and they can use it naturally as their  visual native language .

EL stimulates creative minds for new styles of pictures, advertisements, literature, poetry, etc.

EL offers the scientifically understandable Phonetic Symbols for any sounds by human vocal organs and breath, showing how to reproduce them. The system helps to learn pronunciations of foreign names /languages equally respecting to each other vocal traditions, also helps to create new vocal arts.
For organizing information efficiently:
1) A symbol for a new concept is made by the combination of elemental images. EL has the stable base and the flexibility to apply it.

2) EL gives immediate ease of recognition if a symbol is a phonetic or a definition, and what kind of thing/name it is.

3) EL offers the rational abbreviation system with enough clues for recognition, sometimes working with 2) to protect from confusion.

Researching a thing is done through a part of its image without knowing the word/notation. ( The era when new concepts appears more rapidly wants a rationally organized language )

EL helps holding information in compact forms without confusion to get a meaning beyond cultures and time.

The efficiency would work for sharing information worldwode to maintain the environment.

EL offers the multi-method for communication:
additionally to the writing and speaking methods, the sign languages { hand signs to show/to touch, eye signs, gestures, moving around signs etc.} are also available, easily applied from the basic system with very little additional learning.

The hand signs are not only for deaf and dumb people but also for a communication between different language users self-interpreting each native-language into it.

EL writing system for syntax/grammar is considered for working with handsigning originally, having flexibility for it too. Order for the sequence shouldn't be forced in one way.

EL reduces communication gaps between majorities and minorities of not only native languages but also physical conditions. With technology or not, there is a way to learn and use EL for anybody.

This way protects native vocal languages from  warping/ruining.
With native sounds and sequence, people can relax to use EL. Also using the same EL, they can find some different points on each other usage, while understanding the meanings.

The multi-method works for an emergency situation : The future world must bring sudden physical difficulties more often. EL helps a communication in any sudden suffering situation as long as the patient's consciousness can move a part of his/her body.

New meaningful dances/body performances can be born with the EL sign/gesture.

Many places in the brain get tracks of the memory for a multi-method  symbols, working together with eyes, ears, mouth, hands and arms. So actually learning multi-method EL is easier than just learning a vocal language: the clues help to remember symbols, keeping the memory longer.

My proposal for the concrete system of EL is in the EL System section, and the Dictionary.

Considerable Problems of the EL world

What problems could EL bring with those benefits? Before spreading, it should be considered to prepare for them from the beginning.

# The beginning gap:

Gaps between users and non-users of EL could be large just like the IT case, and it would be unavoidable. But at least anyone can learn EL without wealth, if they want to. Organizing volunteer EL groups would help.
# Traditional letters/characters might be possible to be forgotten:
EL protects traditional vocal languages, but it doesn't guarantee for the writings. Usually a traditional writing system is the easiest for its language. But when people choose EL for more convenience of writing future terms, they might forget about their traditional writing way. To not loose the way to see the past of each culture, each traditional language-EL dictionary has to be raised.
# Differences of data between traditional languages and EL could happen.
By translation, some differences between original meaning and EL meaning could happen, just like any other translation. EL data which any earth people could use for a long term should be carefully checked by the readers. Also the matters which were not translated into EL could be forgotten by the world. Voluntarily networking would support the EL world.
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