Picture series "A new cafe" (6-10)
To introduce Earth Language easy symbols related to our living

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A new cafe (6) November 2016

Flags were displayed along the sidewalk, and flapped with falling leaves from our forest.
In the back of the building, there is a drive-through take-out window.
I still could not go inside because of my physical problems,
but my husband got some of their foods for me. They were tasty.
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A new cafe (7) February 2017

Some customers were enjoying hot drinks and the snow view with their dog at outside of the entrance.
Sometimes customers look down our garden from the balcony, but not this cold day.

A new cafe (8)
February 2017

Finally for the first time I got into the cafe, before crowded hour.
Although I could not keep a good manner to eat, because still it was not easy for me to sit upright
without supporting with an arm or elbow on a table.
Their exterior and interior share a fireplace from both side. When they were building,
many people were curious what the low window was. That was it.

A new cafe (9)
February 2017 The Details of the interior, Ceiling

As same as the outlook, the interior also is filled with the color of the architect.
In spite of its brand-new, the metallic ceiling is colored as rusted like an old barn to make a retro mood.
We could come here in faded jeans to enjoy here more.

A new cafe (10)
February 2017 Details of the interior, Staircase

The wooden parts also look like pretending recycled, or maybe really recycled materials?
The stairs look strong and wild, featuring the woody state, WA.

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