Picture series "A new cafe" (1-5)
To introduce Earth Language easy symbols related to our living

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About this New Series
EL (Earth Language) symbols are made by combining the basic elements of each meaning, or by the shape as a picture. So it is easy to use. Symbols are set up based on nature, so when you keep using EL, you will be a thinker based on nature. To show some symbol examples of our familiar words, I am going to introduce a new building in our neighborhood. Have fun.

A new cafe (1) April, 2016

A construction started in the opening on the opposite side of the street in front of my garden. What it will be? Interesting, they used a lot of standard boards even for making a pillar, and they used metals to fasten every joint: interestingly different from traditional Japanese carpentering.

The EL dictionary:

(2) June, 2016

It became two story building, and a cafe sign was displayed.

(3) June 2016

Large windows are looking down my garden!

(4) July 2016

They covered the walls with a new yellow material, and started painting them brown and metallic gray.

Symbols for various colors:

(5) October 2016

During I could not go out because of my injury, the cafe unofficially opened in September.
Opening hours are from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and these photos are in an early morning in October 2016. Planting also started around the building.

About the meaning bracket:
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